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pillow on 03/10/2012 11:54:07 MST Print View

Ive tried various pillows, not quite content with any. Either size has been too small or too bulky when packed, or too hard, or oddly shaped, or not tall enough for me side sleeping, or too much like a balloon, or rolls side-side , or uncomfortable material, etc.

Ive put smaller pillows on top of shoes or other items and managed to side sleep, but I really needed a bigger , softer pillow to be comfortable.

I think I may have found a good solution for me. I am willing to tote a couple oz to get a good nights sleep. I can sleep on a thin pad if dont need the insulation, but I need a decent pillow. I also want no bulk, volume is as important to me as oz.

So I picked up the travel pillow /blanket combo that is sold at walgreens and walmart for $10. The fleece pillow sack that goes over the inflatable bladder is what I wanted. Its 2.12 oz with zipper, and a lot bigger than the 1.2 oz HMG cuben pillow sak I usually use as clothes sak. This will be my clothes bag too, I dont need a water resistant because I keep what little clothes i bring in with sleeping bag in liner bag.

Stuffed with fleece and puffy, this is a great pillow, its big enough to hold them both.

It holds two water-wings (2.2 oz) (4 air chambers) and makes a great non-roll pillow with a few small items on top of them for cushioning. I tried it with puffy jacket= fantastic pillow. Even with driducks in case Im sleepinig with all clothing insulation layer, its still good and soft because the the driducks can be scrunched in loosely.
Or, with a few small items , tshirt and socks, glove liners, gaiters, etc. its still better than anything else Ive tried. And $12 total cost is hard to beat.

Total wt is 4.3 oz with 2 water wings, but it works well with one also for 3.2 oz.


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