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JMT permit problems
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Allen Butts
(butts0989) - F - MLife

Locale: Northern Rockies
JMT permit problems on 03/07/2012 13:23:23 MST Print View

Well not so my surprise the permits for the JMT filled up quicker than i had time to reserve one. Does anyone know of any optional way to get onto the JMT, like a different trailhead or something? when I talked to the people at yosemite on the phone he said that it might be possible if you get a permit for a different trailhead. Is this true?

Paul McLaughlin
(paul) - MLife
JMT permits on 03/07/2012 14:04:25 MST Print View

If you don't mind starting somewhere other than Happy Isles, there are other trailheads you can try. You could start at Glacier Point and take the Panorama trail over to the top of Nevada falls to meet the JMT. Much nicer hike, actually - better views. But you may still be limited by the Little Yosemite Valley quota numbers even at that trailhead
Or you could start at Tuolumne and get right to the good stuff.

Or you can show up the day before your hike at the visitor center, bright and early to be the first in line, and get one of the 40% of permits that are earmarked for non-reservation.

Stephan Doyle
Re: JMT permit problems on 03/07/2012 14:37:49 MST Print View

Skip the valley. Start at Tuolumne.

Rob Vandiver

Locale: So Cal
JMT Permit Problems. on 03/07/2012 14:43:03 MST Print View

TM is full up also, at least up till the 24 week deadline. All through trailheads seem to be full the day they open up. I am going to have to depend on a walkup in TM (there are 16 walk up slots available vs the 4 at HI). I think we am going to get up tere a couple days early, camp at TM, day hike from TM to HI, shuttle to TM and go to sleep. Then get up early and wait in line for walk up permits available either that day, or wait till 11:00 and get one for the following day.

I was also considering starting off in Inyo, but the thought of doing ALMOST the whole JMT makes me unhappy.

Edit for crazy run on sentence.

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Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: JMT Permit Problems. on 03/07/2012 14:50:53 MST Print View

I tried for TM also, couldn't get it.
I was planning on fastpacking the JMT, but everything I'm looking at is booked. Might try the walk up, not sure. I know I could get a permit Northbound, skipping Whitney, but what good is skipping Whitney and doing the Valley? I'd much rather skip the Valley...
Too bad it's all such a fiasco out there. My plans are getting reworked...might just go string together my own route. Or call Nick Gatel for some advice on desert loops with ZERO chance of other people.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: JMT Permit Problems. on 03/07/2012 15:37:43 MST Print View

There are other places in the Sierras that are just as beautiful (IMO), less populated, easy to access without permits or permits are easy to get. For example, click on Tom K's profile and read a lot of his posts. Or start further south. Might want to even check out that BIG mountain on the other side of the Owens Valley and then wander east to some really rarely used mountains. Get a big friggin' map and check it out :)

Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Re: Re: Re: JMT Permit Problems. on 03/07/2012 15:39:44 MST Print View

Yup, that's what I'm leaning towards. Tom K. has already helped me outline a few possible routes that are a cool mix of cross country, drainages/lakes, peaks, and a little trail to string it all together.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: Re: Re: JMT Permit Problems. on 03/07/2012 15:55:44 MST Print View


Is that you on the skateboard? Weren't they still using steel wheels and 2X4 boards to build them when you were a kid :)

Chris S
(csteutterman) - F

Locale: Tahoe
Re: JMT permit problems on 03/07/2012 16:08:12 MST Print View

When I was looking into a potential Plan B last year someone suggested Mono Meadow on Glacier Point Road. On the trailhead map it says "No LYV or JMT camping" but I'm not sure if that just means the first night.

Edited by csteutterman on 03/07/2012 16:08:59 MST.

Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
JMT Permit- flexibility! on 03/08/2012 16:25:33 MST Print View

Two years ago, mid July high season, Saturday morning I arrived at the Tuolumne permit office around 4:30 or 5:00 am. Nobody in line, next person arrived 1/2 hour later. By the time the office opened there were maybe a dozen people but I'm not sure how many were in their parties. We were able to get a same-day permit for JMT south, 4 of us in the group. I was expecting a next-day permit but happy to get same day.

Similar situation in 2008 at the Valley permit office for Happy Isles trailhead.

Since you have a couple extra days just arrive at the office before 5:00 AM and you should be fine. I find the front porch of a ranger station is a fine place to cook breakfast, brew up some coffee, and greet the day as you contemplate the start of another fine trip.

Worst case is you get to start on a different trail.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: JMT Permit- flexibility! on 03/08/2012 16:34:47 MST Print View

"Since you have a couple extra days just arrive at the office before 5:00 AM and you should be fine."

Better bring a good down jacket, because it tends to be pretty chilly there on the front porch of the permit office during the pre-dawn hours.

Been there, done that, read the book, saw the movie.


Allen Butts
(butts0989) - F - MLife

Locale: Northern Rockies
Re: Re: JMT Permit- flexibility! on 03/08/2012 20:44:40 MST Print View

Ya I have been considering that. Sadly I think me and my hiking partner have kind of given up on it till next year, i think we are just going to end up hiking all over CO instead to save on cost (we're both poor college kids). Thanks again for all of your help on this issue, hopefully it works out next year.

Andrew Wolff

Locale: Chattanooga
Walk Up on 03/10/2012 15:56:03 MST Print View

Last year, Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend I was first in line at the valley backcountry office at about 4:30 in the morning. No one else showed up for at least another 30 minutes, there were maybe 20 people in line when the office opened, no one else I talked to was after a JMT Permit. I got a same day permit no problem and was hiking out of Happy Isles very shortly thereafter. I was prepared to have to get a next day permit as NPS says you will or even line up again the next day... just sayin.