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The Condiment Project
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Addison Page
(Nihilist_Voyager) - F

Locale: Down the Rabbit Hole!
The Condiment Project on 03/05/2012 15:29:18 MST Print View

Behold! This is something I've been passively working on for awhile (casually observing, lazily noticing?). I'm a fast foodie, I eat out A LOT and about a month ago I started observing the condiment packets in various restaurants and seeing what would be good for trail use and what I wouldn't use if I took it with me. There are so many places with such a greater variety than salt, pepper and ketchup that I decided to compile a list for the benefit of everyone (even if you don't eat fast food, you can still go in there and snag some free goodness). All of these things come in those little ~3g packets.

I'm skipping stuff like ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper because most places have those.

Chik Fil a- where I started this mighty endeavor, I've found that stores' contents vary slightly
-Frank's Red Hot sauce
-Tabasco Sauce
-Purell Alcohol Towelettes (not food, but good to have)
If you go up to the counter and ask for a couple they won't even notice. (Come in 1oz packets)
-Chik fil a Sauce

-Presumptuous 'tude (compliments of me or other employees)

-Crushed Red Pepper
-Parmesan Cheese

Taco Bell
-Mild, Hot and Fire Sauce
-Green and Fire Roasted Salsa

-Zax Sauce (Sadly their hot sauces don't come in small sealed containers)

Gas stations are where the jackpots are
QuikTrip /Racetrack (god help you if you don't have one of these places near you, but any large hot dog selling gas station should have similar options)
-Dijon Mustard
-Miracle Whip
-Hellmann's Mayo
-Diced Jalapenos
-Salsa Del Sol

This is all I have so far, these are my main food places, if you have some other condiment caches you know of, add to my list!!

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: The Condiment Project on 03/05/2012 16:55:00 MST Print View

Go Nuts!

No ethical dilemma.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: The Condiment Project on 03/05/2012 17:03:20 MST Print View

I just received my annual order from , so I have all the packets and single servings of stuff to last me for the season.

Oh, packets of pickle relish are good. You can make a backpacker salad if you have enough of them. Hot dog joints generally have relish in one form or another.


Addison Page
(Nihilist_Voyager) - F

Locale: Down the Rabbit Hole!
... on 03/05/2012 17:37:38 MST Print View

Thanks guys, it only took me 45 minutes to write this up, it's totally cool for you two to come in and just knock down my Jenga set... ;p

Well, if you don't want to pay 5-20 cents for condiments, you can still read what I've worked so hard on!....

EDIT: 45 minutes, don't make fun, I'm a slow typer...

Edited by Nihilist_Voyager on 03/05/2012 17:39:04 MST.

Brian Camprini
(bcamprini) - MLife

Locale: Southern Appalachians
Re: The Condiment Project on 03/05/2012 18:07:20 MST Print View

Does anyone know where you can find Boar's Head brand condiments in single serve packets? I know of a gourmet deli and grocery in NC that gives them out for free with deli sandwich purchases, but I've never seen them anywhere else and minimus doesn't carry them. Fantastic sauces--the horseradish and remoulade are my favorites, but the mustards are great too. The bottles are easy to find, but not the single serve packets.

Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
Not Again! on 03/05/2012 19:30:17 MST Print View

You have no idea what mess you may have restarted. There was a whole somethimes nasty debate over whether it was ethical to take extra condiments for backpacking.

So, how about we spare a rehash of the debate this time? Is that too much to hope?

As far as minimus, they have a great selection of jams and jellies. I probably took six different flavors on my thru. It was always a mystery which pack I would draw to accompany my peanut butter.

Kat ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: Not Again! on 03/05/2012 19:37:14 MST Print View

Yup, I am with Greg on this ; )

Tim Zen
(asdzxc57) - F

Locale: MI
Re: Not Again! on 03/05/2012 19:47:47 MST Print View

Wasting your time on someone who would consume anything from taco Bell.

Just put serachi sauce in a bottle. Think outside the bun.

Edited by asdzxc57 on 03/05/2012 19:49:24 MST.

Addison Page
(Nihilist_Voyager) - F

Locale: Down the Rabbit Hole!
Woah guys, take a step back on 03/05/2012 22:26:10 MST Print View

Tim that hurt! Taco Bell isn't that bad. Lol

And I'm with you too Greg, I didn't mean to stir anyone up, just trying to be helpful. :/

And as far as ethics go, I don't mean running into random stores grabbing a handful of condiments and bolting. I just grab some extras when I'm there getting food.

One more thing on the ethical issue and I'm done: stores and restaurants don't take inventory on the packets once the boxes are open. They only do inventory on the each full box, so the stores spends the same amount of money on condiments no matter how much you take unless you somehow manage to steal an entire box worth.

Sorry again to dig up old bones....

Also, thank you for the suggestion. I've never even heard of this before, but just it's description sounds delicious.

I'm pretty much of the opinion that hot sauce can make anything taste better.

Edited by Nihilist_Voyager on 03/05/2012 22:31:52 MST.

Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: The Condiment Project on 03/06/2012 07:09:47 MST Print View

Brian, you might email Minimus and ask them if they can get them...although Boars Head is known for not selling online.

Ultra Magnus
(Ultra_Magnus) - F
clear conscience on 03/13/2012 14:05:34 MDT Print View

Order your food from the drive through- ask for extra condiments of whatever you want. That way you're not taking any more than they are willing to give away. I don't go to taco bell that often, but I love their mild and fire sauces. They go great on home made tacos and burritos. So, when we do order a large-ish quantity of food (for many people) when they ask if I want some sauce I just say, "lots of every kind". The drive thru person just grabs a handful and away we go. It's not my fault they don't all get used up by my family and/or friends. I just grab the left overs and toss them in a drawer.

To add to the list-
Arby's horsey sauce
Panda Express, uh, I think it's called Chili sauce? All I know it's d**n hot and little goes a long way, but is guaranteed to un-blanden any food.