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Ursack Pack??
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Michael Wands
(walksoftly) - F

Locale: Piney Woods
Ursack Pack?? on 01/31/2007 17:15:40 MST Print View

Would it be possible to create a small pack out of an Ursack Bag without compromising the integrety to the Ursack? Seems that this would be a very smart piece of lightweight multi-use gear.

Nall Fnk
(nfink) - F
Re: Ursack Pack?? on 01/31/2007 20:28:51 MST Print View

Was thinking the same thing myself. It would be nice to have a truly bombproof pack for no added weight.
The dimensions of the ursack are a little narrow for a pack, though. Sewing large pockets to the outside might work, but kind of defeats the purpose.

Patti Binder
(quiltbinder) - MLife

Locale: Southwestern Indiana
Re: Re: Ursack Pack?? on 01/31/2007 21:01:03 MST Print View

I've only just seen pictures of the Ursacks, so I don't know if this would work, but maybe you could turn one inside out and sew shoulder strap/s and pocket/s to the inside seams and carry it inside out, then turn it right side out to use as a bear bag.

Joe Federici
(need2boat) - F

Locale: North East
Re: Re: Re: Ursack Pack?? on 02/01/2007 14:09:40 MST Print View

It's funny this should come up. Yesterday I was talking with one of the Sales people at warwick mills that weaves most of the Vectran in the US as well as other things like Specra and Kevlar.

What I found is most of what Ursack is using is blistic seconds. Also all three of the fabrics I just listed break down in UV quite quickly. Kevlar being the worst Spectra being the best.

I got interested in this becasue I was in a junkyard last weekend and cut off some opened airbags wich are made from Vectran. Using two I made a stuff sac from to use for weekend trips. I then thought maybe I could find some seconds to make a bigger bag. However after talking with Ed even the price of the seconds was a bit more then I wanted to spend. Also after talking with him more Vectran did seem to be what I wanted. Due to the loose weave, it may be bear proof but most likely would hold out small mice so it would need to be hung. Since I already use an air tight plastic bag I'm not sure it's worth the weght.


Gene .

Locale: New England
Re: Re: Re: Re: Ursack Pack?? on 02/02/2007 12:59:34 MST Print View

Not only that but Kevlar is'nt easy to repair once abraded. Pretty soon you'd be carrying a pack that looked like fleece. It's abrasion resistance is'nt great, and it is heavier than most any of the other more UV resistant fabrics.