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backcountry quilt (wet weather)
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Jeff Twerdun
(westcoasthiker) - MLife

Locale: Vancouver Island Canada
backcountry quilt (wet weather) on 03/04/2012 16:39:30 MST Print View

Hello and good day everyone, my question is as follows... what would be the top let's say 3-5 choices for shell,liner and baffle material to do a backcountry quilt similar in style to nunatak's(TM)- backcountry blanket? Taking into account i live on the west coast of Canada (same weather as pacific northwest). Now i already put the cart before the horse so to speak, and bought 7lbs. of 850FP down(got a great deal on it) The criteria for materials is as follows- must be light,tough, good sun protection, easy to clean, water resistant, breathe very well and not 200.00 a yard! I am currently leaning towards polyester micro fiber for the outer, similar to what western mountaineering uses, and maybe taffeta inner maybe mesh for baffles. Would also like a tip on where to get said materials, but also trying to find patterns for quilt, down jacket w/hood, down booties, hammock under/over quilt, etc. etc. etc. I thank anyone who responds to this in advance for your knowledge and expertise. Thanks again! (this is my first diy project, so excuse the ignorance) Happy hiking! Jeff-westcoasthiker

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: backcountry quilt (wet weather) on 03/04/2012 18:16:39 MST Print View

And for some food for thought

7 pounds of down is quite a lot. If you could sell it for a profit you could equip yourself quite nicely.

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Jeff Twerdun
(westcoasthiker) - MLife

Locale: Vancouver Island Canada
backcountry quilt (wet weather) on 03/04/2012 22:44:18 MST Print View

Thanks Ken for the info! wow, there really are ALOT of different materials to choose from! Yes i do own a synthetic bag.... exped dreamwalker syn 133... weird bag, a little heavy and big, but very functional! This and the backcountry blanket form nunatak are what gave me some of my inspiration for my quilt. anywho, thanks again for the leads.... happy hiking!

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
backcountry quilt (wet weather) on 03/05/2012 18:34:45 MST Print View

M50 $13/yd or M90 $10/yd from thruhiker.

M90 weighs between 1.1oz/sy and 1.15oz/sy and is more durable and is easier to work with. Very comfortable also. Difference in my last quilt shell was about 2.5 oz.

My last long M50 shell weighs 5oz, but no baffles. That was for climashield.

M50 weighs .69oz/sy. Very thin, SUL, more shiney on the right side.

Dont think they have either in ripstop though.

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