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VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS
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Huzefa Siamwala
(huzefa) - M
Re: Re: Re: VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS - Order Placed on 06/23/2012 20:01:15 MDT Print View

I recently posted some pics of my quilt in myog forum. See.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
@ James: VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS - Let's see it. on 08/19/2012 10:24:40 MDT Print View

James, Do you have it? What do you think? Pics?

James Connolly
(jamespjc) - MLife

Locale: TX
VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS on 08/19/2012 10:31:47 MDT Print View

Ken, thanks for your message. In the end I cancelled my order due to a variety of reasons, which I'd prefer not to get into. However, I should say that Huzefa was very pleasant to deal with, and I wish him the best of luck in his new venture.

Huzefa Siamwala
(huzefa) - M
Re: VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS on 08/19/2012 11:12:53 MDT Print View

Actually, it was I who offered the refund. Because we received 5 oz insulation from climashield instead of 4 oz. Anyways, lets not talk about that. James was very patient with the refund and a pleasure to deal with.

If anyone is interested, they can read more about the vaprloft concept here. We currently have lots of apex insulation which we are selling in our Facebook shop with free shipping. Complete MYOG kits are also available at our shop. I would love to start making these again if there enough interest.

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: Re: VaprLoft Quilts - M50/Apex/SevenDS on 09/10/2012 21:27:58 MDT Print View

Hello Huzefa

So I came across this forum a while back when you first posted it.

Today I just came across it again.
So why did it take so long?

There are so many threads on this site that you just skim over them really quick.
To say I have not replied is because I didn't even know of the growth of this post or even if that you had gone into the "selling" stage. The original post at the top has also been edited since so at the time I first saw it, there seemed to not really be a need to go back to it.
Then it got buried and I only saw it again since someone recently made a post that made me recognize it.

One thread on this site is like a needle in a haystack.
People just don't find the needle.

It is also much more time consuming to look at the name of every user when you are skimming through these posts. Although it is much harder to dismiss your profile picture.

So the very few posts I come across that I may not have read but but do would be from a recognized persons profile picture.

As soon as someone changes there profile picture, their blogs go right back into skimming right over them. For this reason, I have not changed my profile picture since the beginning of my time here. Thet way a lot more people will recognize my horible sence of humor I have in replies and hopefully not take an offence to them.

Maybe you should change your profile picture to a version of your company name like Ben does at goose feet. This will at least get the attention of those who are interested to not overlook your posts. An expination of your product or website would help too insdead of your current one.

So I also may know you personally but there a ton of people on BPL that have posted as much as you on this site. If one of them came up with a concept that I may be interested in, there is a very good chance that I would have no clue who they are.

So this thread is just skimmed over by few, (I missed it).
It is also only one post that came and went a long time ago, so you have to "dig" to find it. You have to get the info out there to sell it.

The lack of response really has nothing to do with you, your gear, or where you are from. Good luck with getting this off the ground. It looks like an easy winner if it's what you're after.

Edited by awsorensen on 09/10/2012 21:49:29 MDT.