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Pop Bottle Potential
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Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Pop Bottle Potential on 03/03/2012 20:07:23 MST Print View

I haven't figured out how to incorporate this observation into my backpacking system but the potential looks good. Perhaps it will give you some ideas?


The pop bottle in the photo above fits perfectly over a cannister stove and also threads up to the Sawyer Squeeze Filter in a water tight way.

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Re: Pop Bottle Potential on 03/03/2012 20:45:19 MST Print View

Stove carrier/protector that double duties as a gravity filter? Just punch two holes in the bottom (maybe reinforce them) and run a string through them...

Not sure how the "squeeze" filter would work in that situation though.

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Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Re: Re: Pop Bottle Potential on 03/03/2012 21:20:38 MST Print View


I've turned the bottle upside down and filled it with water. The water runs easily through the filter without squeezing. Gravity is sufficient.

I think I could probably scoop water from a lake or stream with the bottle attached to the filter. Would probably get some dirty water on the filter, however. Not sure if it would matter. I could wipe the filter dry and then discard the first few ounces that came through the filter.

I alreay use the bottle (or one like it) as a stove carrier and have done so for many years. Carrying the stove assembled reduces the risk of cross threading it in the field during assembly.

I think your cord idea would work nicely too.


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Pete Forest
(againpeter) - F

Locale: France Europe
Use of bottle? on 03/04/2012 04:16:09 MST Print View

Maybe off topic, but inspiring..

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Use of bottle? on 03/04/2012 08:11:59 MST Print View

Hey Pete,

Thanks for sharing that video.

It's sobering, inspiring and truly MYOG! :-)

It just goes to prove that there is some true genius left in this world.

Party On,


Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
One Idea on 03/04/2012 15:37:00 MST Print View

Here's one idea that seems to work (at home anyway). Should work in the field but one never knows. It only takes seconds to do it but it is a little tricky to explain with words and photos alone. Here goes:

(1) (assuming we start from the photo shown in the original post above) Remove stove and filter from bottle.
(2) Add a string to the bottle and add a bottle-end insert (cut from another bottle) to the group. See photo below:

(3) Stick your finger in the bottle's spout and scoop up some dirty water from stream or lake. See photo below:

(4) Shove the bottle-end insert into the bottle to hold water in the bottle. Invert the bottle and screw on filter. See photo below:

(5) Hang bottle. Leave bottle-end insert in bottle until you are ready to fill something with clean water. Gravity will do the rest. See photos below:


The rate of flow depends on amount of water in bottle. (i.e. more water = faster flow).

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