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4 season mod for Hex-3
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David Goodyear
(dmgoody) - MLife

Locale: mid-west
4 season mod for Hex-3 on 03/02/2012 08:12:50 MST Print View

I am looking into the possibility of making a tee-pee like interior or exterior structure for the Golite hex-3 instead of buying a 4 season tent. This will be for a trip in Feb 2013 where we will be traveling on river ice while pulling a pulk.

My thoughts so far:

1. The weight must be kept to less than 6 lbs - or I might as well just buy a used 4 season tent. (Although I don't relish spending $500 - $700 for another one use item)

2. It must be fast and easy to set up. (Gloves on and wind friendly)

I envision a star shaped receiver at the top where the six poles will attach. It can be of tubular webbing or a solid block of light weight material. It will need to be designed to hold the correct angle. I was also thinking of an attached webbing area along the bottom that sets the angle and distance between the poles and also provides strength and east of setup. It will need clips/buckles to attach the skin (hex-3) and the strap must ne removable only in the door section once the stakes are set. I also see that a snow flap could be sewn to the strap if staking is not an option. I may have to add mid-panel tabs to the hex-3 for additional guy out during wind storms

3. Eliminate the center pole to maximize interior space. Need enough room for me and my pulk.

4. Limit any permanent changes to the Hex-3 to preserve its function for 3 season use.

5. I have some sewing skills and little metal working skills – but I love to tinker.
I don’t want to re-invent the wheel and nothing has turned up in my searches. I welcome any help or ideas.



Anthony Britner
(ant89) - F

Locale: North Wales, UK
should be simple on 03/04/2012 06:02:50 MST Print View

take a pole, place it inside with one end in the apex, attach the bottom end of the pole to the pegging point, pull the tension strap of that pegging point to secure. Repeat with the other poles, stand the tent upright and your done.
Weight, whatever the poles weigh plus the weight of the string.

Edited by ant89 on 03/04/2012 06:03:57 MST.

David Goodyear
(dmgoody) - MLife

Locale: mid-west
simpler on 03/04/2012 17:51:23 MST Print View

Yes, it needs to be simple. I need to be able to set it up in a wind storm on river ice with my mitts on at -40 F - while my brain is saying, huh?

Ok, here is what I have thought about since my first rambling. KISS rules apply here.

* I will be pulling a sled, so the poles can be full length or one break at the most. Why break them down at all if the sled is long enough? (hope I can find a source)

* A three pole design (peace sign brother) that opens and closes like an umbrella. Webbing along the bottom will lock the shape, a small pull down shelf a foot from the top will stabilize the mid section, and the top will be connected by tubular webbing sewn together that the poles fit into. add the skin and stake out the other 3 corners. Stakes on ice - looking at ice shelter anchors for fishing.

Bring it on, I need more ideas !!



David Goodyear
(dmgoody) - MLife

Locale: mid-west
update on 08/03/2013 05:21:44 MDT Print View


While not ultra-light the mods on the SL-3 worked fine and protected me in a blizzard that dumped 3 feet of snow in 2 days last Feb in northern Canada.
* and umbrella like pole system using my sled traces and 1 spare pole.
* an angle keeper system at the bottom and top to take out the fuss and keep my gloves on at -38
* a sewn on/Velcro porch and snow flaps all around.

Final weight 4.5 lbs. Used 100mm ice screws to secure to the river ice. (only needed for the first night as there was enough snow after that)

let it snowangle keeperangle keeper - topsnow flaps and porch

I'm sure it could be made lighter, but I needed it to be bomb proof.