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Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt?
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Brian Sims
(MtnFiend) - F

Locale: Pasadena, CA
Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/30/2007 23:36:33 MST Print View

I am having a hard time finding a high quality, ultra lightweight (3oz-5oz), full zip, non-hooded, highly breathable windshirt. I guess I'm asking for a lot but what the heck. I really like the new GoLite stuff but the non-hooded version does not have full zip and the full zip has a hood. Drat, foiled again.

I plan to use the windshirt for cycling also.

Any suggestions?

I'm looking at the Montane Featherlite Vélo. It seems that Montane has a good reputation on this site.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/30/2007 23:49:05 MST Print View

If you truly like the GoLite jacket, it should be an easy thing to snip off the hood...

The 2006 Marmot Ion isn't all that breathable, but Marmot claims that its current (2007) version is both more breathable and more rain resistant. No experience, but may be worth looking into.

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paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 04:09:06 MST Print View

[RANT Alert!!!]

>>"(2007) version is both more breathable and more rain resistant"

"more breathable" - that sure leaves a lot of room for improvement when compared to their '06 virtually unbreathable Ion. How much is an imprecise qualitative marketing term like "more"? I'd like to see it quantified.

More "rain resistant"? Maybe? I'll have to remember to try to carry some water in my '06 Ion "water bladder", and see if it wets through.

Until Marmot comes clean on this issue and does the honorable thing and makes good to all those who purchased the Marmot Ion VBshirt (hey, isn't that what the Gov't allows Corporate losses and tax write-offs for???), the way i feel now, i wouldn't spend another penny on any Marmot product, or recommend any Marmot product to a friend; in fact, i'll steer them away from Marmot if i can; at this point, i just don't know what i'm getting if i buy Marmot. That said, i need a left zip mummy bag and Marmot is the only one, off the top of my head, that i know makes them. Hmm..., have to do some research (Montbell???) or eat my words!

In keeping with that earlier post about the knockoff "The Mouth Face" product line, i think perhaps that they also manufacture the "Moremouth" (a lot of talk and little performance) product line, and could it be(???) that manufacturer was contracted with to supply the latest Ion i purchased? Don't know.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 08:40:18 MST Print View

I own a Montbell U.L. Wind Jacket that I'm happy with. My size large weighs 3 oz (85 grams). My Patagonia Houdini is my go to windshirt because I like the additional wind protection of a hood.

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Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 09:42:34 MST Print View

PJ - My limited experience with Marmot is that (1) they make good quality products but (2) their specs can't be trusted. I bought a Marmot lumbar pack whose actual weight was way above spec and its actual volume capacity way below! I've also come across quite a few times that Marmot bags' warmth ratings are "optimistic" as well. But in light of the limited choices in UL / breathable wind jackets, it's probably still worth checking out.

Separately, MontBell makes lots of good products... but given that OP has specified high breathability, it should be noted that the MontBell UL windshirt is barely breathable. I believe Ryan Jordan uses the term "sauna fabric" in describing it. To be fair, MontBell does NOT claim any breathability in its product description, so at least it isn't "doing a Marmot".

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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
re:Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 10:03:18 MST Print View

I agree with the recomendation for the Montbell UL wind shirt. An unbelieveable 2.5oz.(70g)
I use my Montbell or Marmot Ion windshirt as emergency rainwear, so I choose jackets with a hood. But if you dont want a hood, why not try the MB. Its a DWR coated nylon which I have breathed through in the store; barely porus, but no worse than my Marmot ION.
Ben, absolutely right, Montbell says upfront it gets the low weight by using DWR nylon, Marmot claims Pertex but it acts like DWR nylon.

Aaron Granda
(Throckmorton) - MLife
Re: Re: Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 10:30:22 MST Print View

PJ,Western Mountaineering makes right and left zip bags and are also much higher quality than Marmot.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Re: Re: Re: Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 10:49:24 MST Print View

Many thanks.

Douglas Frick
(Otter) - MLife

Locale: Wyoming
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 11:09:33 MST Print View

>I'm looking at the Montane Featherlite Vélo. It seems that Montane has a good reputation on this site.

I have a Montane Aero pull-over windshirt made from Pertex Quantum. It's highly breathable; no "sauna fabric" here. Do a search on BPL for the Featherlite; it's made from Pertex Microlite, and others have claimed it also is highly breathable.

Brian Sims
(MtnFiend) - F

Locale: Pasadena, CA
Montbell UL Windshirt on 01/31/2007 11:10:55 MST Print View

I also read Ryan's comments about the Montbell windshirt being sauna link. They use an acrylic coating that is highly non-breathable. I purchased a Pearl Izumi cycling wind jacket that was non-breathable is it was very sauna like. I want to avoid that.

Anyone have experience with any of the Montane windshirts?

Neil Bender
(nebender) - F
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 12:01:45 MST Print View

The Pearl Izumi Optik is on sale at Performance bike right now for under $60. It's a light polyester similar to the old Marmot Chinook. Probably in the 3-4 oz range. The one I examined passed the 'breath-through' test but I haven't used so it can't tell you how it will do under aerobic exertion. I've been considering picking one up only because I can't buy polyester ripstop in that light a weight to make my own. For road cycling I find I use a wind vest more often, as the extra material in the sleeves of most wind shirts flaps noisily. A vest goes on and off easy when riding no hands and packs well into a jersy pocket. Good luck in your hunt.

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Full Zip, No Hood Windshirt? on 01/31/2007 14:44:39 MST Print View

The Featherlite Velo is nice. You won't go wrong with it. You might also want to look at the JetStream Jacket:

Primary difference is that the JetStream uses Quantum rather than Microlight. So the JetStream is 2.5oz rather than 4oz, and is a little bit more air permeable.


Nigel Sanderson
(onthefells) - F

Locale: The Chilterns and Peak District
what about their gilet on 01/31/2007 14:46:13 MST Print View

Brian, if you want something really light you can't beat their gilet, its called Montane Vapour. It weighs 55g, is full zip and obviously has no hood. It also comes with a very small stuff sack that has a velcro strap on to put round your arm, bum bag etc. I use this thing all the time for running and it is excellent...however its probably warmer over here although I have used it with a base layer at frrezing point and once moving its fine.

Another alternative from Montane is their H2O featherlite, its waterproof, seam taped, no hood and weighs 115g...another one of my 'running staples'

Brian Sims
(MtnFiend) - F

Locale: Pasadena, CA
Re: what about their gilet on 01/31/2007 19:44:43 MST Print View


Oh I see a gilet is a vest. :) English = gilet, American = vest. I had not heard that one yet; jumper yes, gilet no.

I actually have a North Face Trail Running vest(gilet) I picked up several years ago that works pretty well. It has a wind front and mesh back. It works well but want a full jacket for mountaineering and cycling.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I think I'm going to go with the Montane Featherlite Velo for it dual purpose use. I like the Jetstream but it's another $25 more and no drop trail or high vis yellow.

Nigel Sanderson
(onthefells) - F

Locale: The Chilterns and Peak District
probably French on 02/01/2007 03:20:09 MST Print View

Hi Brian, I think gilet is probably French, don't ask me why we use it in Englad as I've no idea!! Vest over here is like a running vest...a t-shirt with no arms as it were!! what do you call that over there?

Thomas Knighton
(Tomcat1066) - F

Locale: Southwest GA
Re: probably French on 02/01/2007 03:48:47 MST Print View

I don't know about Brian, but I call it a sleeveless T-shirt ;)

Ah, two countried divided by a common language :D


Brian Sims
(MtnFiend) - F

Locale: Pasadena, CA
Re: probably French on 02/01/2007 14:53:52 MST Print View

Well a shirt without sleeves, but that covers from the neck to the edge of the shoulder is a sleeveless t-shirt/shirt. A shirt without sleeves that has a 2"-3" sleeve over the shoulder is a tanktop.

Mike Saxton
(Hokie) - F
Source for Montane Jetstream? on 02/09/2007 18:19:38 MST Print View

Has anyone found a US source for ordering the Montane Jetstream?

Brian Sims
(MtnFiend) - F

Locale: Pasadena, CA
Re: Source for Montane Jetstream? on 02/11/2007 19:45:23 MST Print View

I have found several places doing a search on Froogle. It depends on what you are looking for. Modern Mountain Man seems to have a good selection. I found two places that sell the Featherlite Velo cheaper than Modern Mountain Man, both Chain Reaction and Jackson Sport. Do your homework (i.e. web search) and you can find Montane products.

Jeremy McDaniel
(jerm409) - F

Locale: highest privy in the lower 48
no importer on 02/12/2007 22:10:16 MST Print View

i own both the montane aero and featherlite. the first being pertex quantum and the second pertex microlite. i would buy the new featherlite velo if there was an importer here in the US. the aero is the most breathable windshirt i have worn and would love the full zip capabilities of the new jetstream so i can take it off while walking with my pack on. the one drawback is the sleeves are on the short side. but i over look that because of the breathability. anyone know if the new jetstream has longer sleeves than the older aero or microlite?

i vote that or BMW become the US importer. if so consider on large blue and black jetstream sold.

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