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i so wanted this to work
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Zack h
(want2belite) - F
i so wanted this to work on 02/29/2012 17:16:59 MST Print View

bud mug

.8oz .....seemed cool but had no purpose.... Insulated cocktail mug?

Chase Norton
(Micronorton) - F
why no purpose? on 02/29/2012 17:32:22 MST Print View

I could think of many. What is the reason you said no purpose?

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: i so wanted this to work on 02/29/2012 17:51:13 MST Print View

is that a rubber band?
reflectix could be lighter.

Zack h
(want2belite) - F
bud mug on 02/29/2012 18:27:50 MST Print View

I just envisioned it being a cup to sip hot or cold beverages from but never made use of it....if it did have purpose I'd love to hear it, tea mug? I think I was daydreaming. The weight is nice and an alchy fuel bottle will fit in it.

Ken, unfortunately that is a rubber band.....if I could find silicone at that size it would be nice. I don't think I've tried hard enough. I'm not convinced reflectix would save on weight when given the tape, but I don't argue it would be more efficient.

Fyi, I also had a version of this in 24oz. Fits more stuff inside that's for sure

John West
(skyzo) - F

Locale: Borah Gear
Re: bud mug on 03/01/2012 10:02:32 MST Print View

If you ever wanted any sort of mug on the trail, that would be perfect. I used to carry a 12oz MGD can that would nest inside my heiney pot, and I would use it to drink coffee out of in the mornings.

(KalebC) - F

Locale: South West
RE: UL Bud Cozy on 03/01/2012 10:51:16 MST Print View

If you could prevent it from being crushed inside your main pot, it would make for a good coffee cup or in the winter you could make jagermeister snow cones? haha

Nick C.
(nixie) - F
re: UL Bud Cozy on 03/01/2012 13:30:44 MST Print View

They also fit nicely on the end of the small (16 oz.) nalgenes.