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Home made wood burning stove with snuffer
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Home made wood burning stove with snuffer on 02/27/2012 20:06:05 MST Print View

I had a revelation today while messing around with my home made double wall wood burning stove.
I tore out the inner can so that all i had left was a soup can with both ends removed and some large holes drilled in the bottom.
By using the lid of my Snow Peak 900 mug as a firebox I simulteneously increased the usefullness of the stove by; decreasing the weight,increasing the ease of lighting, and gaining the ability to snuff out the stove in seconds even at full burn.
I think the pictures will speak volumes.
I added subtitles to each picture so hover the mouse over them for desciptions if you like.
.Snow Peak 900 mug and lid with stove and pot stand enclosed
.Unpacking some more
.Assembled stove and pot
.simple soup can with both ends cut out and hole drilled. Some of top lid left for pot stand
.stove body sits in pot lid "firebox"
.lighting the tinder in the "firebox" lid *actually I took it outside to avoid losing the Apt deposit
.Fire in the hole!
.Heating up water. The hardware cloth pot stand is taller than normal for photos.
.Stove cooking away.
.Snuffing out the stove. Optionally I can simply pour water into the firebox/lid but thats no fun
.Stove snuffs out nicely leaving surprisingly little residue inside pot.
Hey, this ain't rocket science i know. You want to know what a single guy does without TV.. This is it!
Fire is so cool.
I might even begin cooking again on my hikes.
What i like about this setup is how easy it is to capture tinder shaving in the lid. It is also quite easy to stoke the stove as blowing air is directed by the lid right into the airholes in the soup can.
The hardware cloth pot stand is way too high I know. I left it that way for the pictures for clarity. I am gonna trim it down a bit.
What does the rig weigh? Heck if i know.
It weighs what a SnowPeak 900 Ti pot and lid + a bit of hardware cloth + a hollowed out soup can weigh.
I think i will make another fire.. Oh hey look here.. there are some perfectly good charred coals still in the fire box! :D

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Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Home made wood burning stove with snuffer on 02/27/2012 20:08:53 MST Print View

This is exactly why you don't get your deposits back. Just some foil along for a lid.

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Woodburners on 02/27/2012 20:14:34 MST Print View

I am tough on Landlords. At least i sold all my high powered rifles.
Good idea about the foil lid. Naturally that same foil would be handy for steaming up some trout too.
I cooked trout over my old Sierra zip ztove so I think this would work here trout on a Sierra Zip

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Home made wood burning stove with snuffer on 02/27/2012 20:24:02 MST Print View

You want to know what a single guy does without TV.. This is it!

Mental note to oneself : never ,ever complain about TV programmes ever again. No matter how bad they really are.

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@ Franco on 02/27/2012 20:35:43 MST Print View


Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Single guy on 02/27/2012 20:39:17 MST Print View

You sold all your rifles????

Don't you know you could have lit your stove by firing a blank shell into the tinder?????


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Marlin Papoose on 02/27/2012 20:43:33 MST Print View

Actually I kept my Marlin Papoose .22 takedown rifle (3.5 lbs) and my Henry Lever action .22 (6lbs)
It was the Ruger 7.62 X 39 assault rifle and 30 06 pump action I sold off. Scared the crap out of myself with those rifles!
Never tried that "shooting to start fire" thing.
Oh.. don't get me started.. there are more than enough loose ball bearings rolling around in my head to actually try that trick. Yikes!

In fact.. I wonder if soaking a bit of cloth in hand sanitizer first then stuffing it into the empty cartridge... Hmmm..

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