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Darren M.

Locale: West
Fit Question on Dirty Girl Gaiters on 02/27/2012 18:39:50 MST Print View

Hey Everyone, Just got a pair of these and matched according to my shoe size (of course). Issue is that because of my 'chicken legs', they fit just barely snug around my ankles but not very tight, will this keep out all debris? I realize that you don't want these to fit too tight but, what is the fit on others who have these? Not sure if I needed to order the next size down or if this is typical.

Thanks, Darren

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Dirty Girl Gaiters on 02/27/2012 18:50:17 MST Print View

Dirty girl gaiters
Here is a picture of my friend Shootout's Dirty Girl equipped feet on the PCT.
Everyone I met with these gaiters loved them. They always seemed snug around the ankle.
If there is even a small gap pebbles and debris will most likely infiltrate them.
Perhaps just a simple gather and a few stitches is all you need to snug 'em up. That way you can undo the stitch later if your ankles swell up.

By the way.. Shootout is colorblind. Before his hike he had his fiance pick out the color scheme of his gaiters. We had great fun convincing him his gaiters were Hot Pink!
Hikers are cruel.

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Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
One option on 02/27/2012 18:50:43 MST Print View

They don't fit snug on me but I'm not sure that's much of a problem. You could snug them up with velcro or a small snap if needed.

Edit, Iceaxe beat me to the punch, I like his solution better.

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P. Larson
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Re: Dirty Girl Gaiters on 02/27/2012 20:49:21 MST Print View

That photo has made me rethink my color choice....

Steve S
(idahosteve) - F

Locale: Idaho
Re: Fit Question on Dirty Girl Gaiters on 02/27/2012 21:14:49 MST Print View

I used mine this last year on the SHR, but I was dissapointed in the fit as well. I think that the normal sizing is on the large side. I would have liked a more snug fit. I think that maybe ordering them a size or two on the smaller side would make for a better fit, and would keep more debris at bay.
If I order another pair, I will do that for sure.

ps, I got the electric guitars!

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Todd Taylor
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Locale: Pacific Northwest
Advice from a fellow bird-leg on 02/27/2012 22:20:03 MST Print View

I'm 6'5", wear a size 15 shoe, and have ankles about the size of a mop handle. I had to sew up the front of my XL Dirty Girls to get a snug fit. With even a slight sag, bits of junk would get in and I'd eventually have to stop and clean them out. I just pinched the top together a quarter inch or so and ran a needle and thread through it enough to keep it that way. Works like a charm.
Dirty Girl gaiter mod

Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
clothspin? on 02/28/2012 12:58:18 MST Print View

I think even one of those tiny clothspins would work too. If you are wearing non gortex trailrunners even with dirty girls your shoes still end up with a good ammont of dirt in them depending where you are hiking. The dirty girls keep everything out a grain of rice or bigger. A little gap prob wont hurt