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Warmth problems!
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Cody Croslow
(Graelb) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Warmth problems! on 02/26/2012 21:54:28 MST Print View

Hey all,

Does anyone have any experience making underquilts for a hennessey? I need to make one (or have one made...) that will keep me warmer down to at least the 40s in the summer.

Does anyone want to make something for me by any chance? I'm not as worried about weight as I am about bulking and price. Thoughts?

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Warmth problems! on 02/26/2012 22:22:05 MST Print View

I use a JackrBetter Stealth Universal down to those temps no problem. 17.5 oz for the long. Packs up pretty small.
They pop up on swap from time to time. Not sure how worried$$$$$$you are though.

Paul Ashton
(PDA123) - F

Locale: Eastern Mass
UQ for Hennessy on 02/27/2012 16:07:29 MST Print View

Bottom entry or side? If bottom entry look at Hennessy Super Shelter, which is designed to work with a bottom entry. Not sure whether JRB make a bottom entry UQ. Personally, I find a CCF pad system just as effective and a lot cheaper.

Cody Croslow
(Graelb) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: UQ for Hennessy on 02/27/2012 17:39:03 MST Print View

Hey paul, the HH is a bottom entry, (which i'm not a huge fan of...) how do you use a CCF pad system in the hammock? inside or outside?

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Supershelter on 02/27/2012 17:44:11 MST Print View

I have a brand new Supershelter that a very generous person sent to me along with a nice hammock. I don't use it since I have an underquilt. I don't think it will take you to very low temps, but maybe you could combine it with something else. Let me know if you are interested and I can send it to you, for shipping cost.

seth mcalister
(sethmcalister) - F

Locale: New Hampshire
IX UQ on 02/27/2012 18:33:54 MST Print View

You can always go the Insultex (IX) route if you're on a budget. That and it is fairly light. I just ordered 8 yards for a UQ and a TQ. 3 layers of this stuff should take you to 35*, some will attest that it takes them much lower with the IX sandwiched between nylon or something of the sort.

You can find it on Tree to Tree Trail Gear ( Hope this helps!

Gary Rath
(MudisFun) - F

Locale: PNW
Re: Supershelter on 02/27/2012 21:32:17 MST Print View

I have taken the Super Shelter with E blanket down to about 30 and was still warm.
Been with friends using them as low as the mid 20's
Not sure how much lower I would have taken it though..
I am currently using down UQ/TQ set though.

Cody Croslow
(Graelb) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Re: Supershelter on 02/27/2012 21:37:05 MST Print View

Wow! I'm excited to give the supershelter a shot... Kat's a super generous person and is sending me the one she has! if it fits my hammock, it'd be awesome to test it out. I'm not quite clear on the construction though. I THINK it's just an undercover, and an under pouch that you can add a space blanket into or something like that...

Paul Ashton
(PDA123) - F

Locale: Eastern Mass
CCFoo narrow for effective insulation on a hammock as the on 03/05/2012 17:54:12 MST Print View

The CCF pad system is inside a hammock. I have a side zip HH expedition. A standard pad (72x20) is too narrow to provide effective insulation as the hammock cloth wraps around your shoulders and hips, compressing the quilt or sleeping bag you use. I cut a pad in half, and lay the 3 ft sections side by side, overlapped to give a width of about 33-35 inches. A couple of lengths of mason cord threaded through small holes punched in the pad keep the dimensions stable. Obviously, this is a torso pad and only insulates your body. I found it warm to mid/low thirties with wool socks and lower legs inside the footbox of a 20deg sleeping bag, the rest of the bag over me like a quilt. This type of CCF system is as effective an insulation system as any much more expensive UQ system - mine uses a 5.88 Walmart pad. As the pad system is only 36 inches long, it can easily be used in a bottom entry Hennessy hammock. the pad(s) can also be used as sit pads in camp and on the trail, which can't be done with a quilt. (Also personal PFDs when crossing rivers:)). Don't you just love multi-functionality?

Justin Nelson
(jnelson871) - MLife

Locale: CA Bay Area
Re: Warmth problems! on 06/25/2012 16:19:15 MDT Print View

Jacks R Better makes an under quilt specifically for bottom entry HH called the Nest. I own one and have found it works pretty well as long as you make sure the seal at the bottom of the hammock is closed.

john Tier
(Peter_pan) - M

Locale: Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Winter Nest on 06/25/2012 17:32:24 MDT Print View

Winter nest is also available for bottom entry HH at Jacks R Better...They will also fit any other hammock if one later changes hammocks.


Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Warmth problems! on 06/25/2012 18:16:10 MDT Print View

The SuperShelter is a good summer system. Adding a space blanket helps and you can add folded space blankets for more insulation.

If you get tired of the bottom entry, 2QZQ does zipper mods.

Joe L
(heyyou) - MLife

Locale: Cutting brush off of the Arizona Tr
Climashield on 07/28/2012 23:56:27 MDT Print View

Climashield synthetic insulation comes in various thicknesses, compresses well for a synthetic, and is not expensive. All you need is a LW breathable nylon envelope with one side partially open. If you do not sew, it wouldn't cost much to have a seamstress who normally shortens men's dress pants cuffs to make one. One of the fabric suppliers sells a Climashield UQ kit. Arrowhead Equipment sells a kit for their UQs.

The insulation is 60" wide so you only need one yard to have a 36x60 UQ, and some fabrics are 60+ inches wide but you need two yards to make a top and bottom on the UQ.

Matthew mcgurk
(phatpacker) - F

Locale: Central coast California
uq on 08/13/2012 23:33:50 MDT Print View

convert an old sleeping bag. That is how I got my first UQ