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Is "DownbythePound" Legit or just Quit?
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(SlimJim) - F
Is "DownbythePound" Legit or just Quit? on 02/25/2012 15:11:05 MST Print View

I know "Zohar Jackson" is a member here, so I'll ask around:

A while back, I attempted to order some down from DownByThePound, and their ordering system was down... ok, that happens. The site is now back up for business, and I received a message from Jackson, "Go ahead w/ your purchase"... so I did. But after entering the purchase, I get an email saying that the down is back ordered. No one answers email.

This makes me think I've been taken for a ride.

What's your opinion of DownByThePound? Is it legitimate, or not? What has been the experience of those on this board?


Rob E

Locale: Canada
order in progress, will let you know on 02/25/2012 16:02:23 MST Print View

I thought I would try them out for a pound of down to Canada. They've been prompt with replying to emails so far. I made the order, but haven't received the down yet, it should have shipped yesterday, but will let the forum know how it goes. I hope they can come through. For many projects I would rather use 800fp down than the 900fp down that thru-hiker sells.


Locale: Northwest Mass
my experience was fine...if a little delayed on 02/25/2012 16:38:28 MST Print View

I ordered a couple of pounds of down from the site. it took a while to arrive because he ran out of stock, but he kept me updated and it got here in the end. the price can't be beaten.

Jeff Twerdun
(westcoasthiker) - MLife

Locale: Vancouver Island Canada
downbythepound on 03/19/2012 20:37:06 MDT Print View

For what its worth, I live in Canada, so this might not apply.....I ordered down from a company form Toronto called Feather Industries.... Awesome service..better product. I ordered 7 Lbs. of 850FP. of the Canadian Hutterite white goose down. It was $801.54 delivered to my door. now that is approx $114.51 per pound or $7.16 per oz. of probably some of the best down available anywhere. I have thus far made the wife a quilt, the 2 month old daughter her crib quilt (figured i would practice a little first) now i still have just over 5.5 lbs. left over for my projects. The down is guaranteed quality, and is very, very clean( no odour at all. Did not use dust mask to stuff both quilts) no coughing, sneezing, or itchy eyes!!!!!!! The owner of the company sits on the Canadian down association board, -READ- would not try to pull a fast one when it comes to quality. Anywho, obviously i am impressed with this company..... I will be ordering from them again if the need arrises. ( No i do not have ANY association with this company) Jeff-westcoasthiker