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Grand Canyon R2R2R April Hike
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Sukhwant Jhaj

Locale: Pacific NW
Grand Canyon R2R2R April Hike on 02/23/2012 02:48:24 MST Print View

I will be doing a six days, five nights R2R2R hike in Grand Canyon starting April 7. I will appreciate any feedback on my gear list. Any suggestions on dealing with the wide temperature variations between rim and river are particularly welcome.

Here is the link: .

Visit my gear list

I am working on my own "Peck less. Be More" philosophy be committing to loosing the weight of my backpack from my body. It is turning out be a lot cheaper way to cut weight that I will be carrying. ;-)

Thank in advance for your feedback on the gear-list.

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Greg F
(GregF) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
Re: Grand Canyon R2R2R April Hike on 02/23/2012 06:47:03 MST Print View

Assuming you dont want to spend very much replacing large items here is what i would do.

Insulation you have an r1, a nano puff, and an alpine light. Pick 1 leave others behind. - 23 oz
Base Layer tops. Just bring 1 - 5 oz
Rain Jacket - Do you need one in the Grand Canyon? I would just bring an thin plastic emergency ponho for if it storms for longer than the wind shell can handle. If you want more than that a 6 oz dryducks jacket for $25. - 12oz
I think you want some kind of soap for hand washing as that is how hikers generally get sick. +1 oz
Baby wipes - remove - soap and towel is lighter - 6 oz
Bags and sacks. Weight can be saved here, i use one for food and 1 for small items. At about an oz a bag it adds up fast
Camp shoes - remove - if you hike in runners or a light boot you dont need them. Or if you want them find a very light pair of sandels or pool shoes between 4 and 8 oz. -,14
Nalagenes remove for gatorade / empty plastic water bottles or if you want to buy something the collaspable bladder type bottles. - 4 oz

You dont list a stove or fuel containet on your list but i assume you have something.

So without spending money or reducing comfort you can cut 65 oz from your gear list.

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Sukhwant Jhaj

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: Re: Grand Canyon R2R2R April Hike on 02/25/2012 14:47:14 MST Print View

Thanks Greg. Very useful.

Rain jacket: I think I am conditioned to have in my gear list as I live in NW. During my last year's Tanner Escalante New Hance hike I used the jacket for all of 5 minutes. Will add a poncho and skip the jacket.

Soap: is not allowed in the backcountry in Grand Canyon. I take a half filled bottle of sanitizer on most hike and will do the same.

Good point on bags and sacks.

Good point on pool shoes. I hate the "volume" of Crocs and pool shoes might do the trick.

I am thinking about skipping Patagonia Nano Puff jacket and just taking the Montbell down parka. I think it will be adequate.

Tent: I chose Huba for this trip. I used a Sublite last time and experienced some very high winds one of the nights; it sounded like a freight train! The tent survived it but I was up all night concerned that one of the connects will become loose and the tent will collapse. Don't want a repeat, but chance of a repeat are slim, so I might go with the Sublite.

I will skip the Nalgene. Again, habit and unexplainable lack of trust on bladder. Will take my MSR bladder. I think I will be better hydrated with it.

Kevin Lutz
(mtntrailrunner) - F
Snow? on 02/25/2012 15:05:20 MST Print View

I have done R2R2R from the south twice, both times in April. Don't know about this year but both times I encountered snow on both rims. You gear list mentions a "high traffic" trail so I will assume you will be on the main corridor i.e. North Kaibab Trail.

The first time, 2006, I had snow from the Supai Tunnel all the way to the top. I did not have snowshoes and it was posthole hell. The second time, 2010, the snow was much lighter and I had lightweight snowshoes. The going was sooooo much easier. I was more than happy to schlep them across the G.C. just for that last mile and a half or so to the North Rim.

If you plan to camp on the North Rim, you may very likely be camping on snow. Your Neoair alone may not be up to the job.

The first few miles of the South Rim trails can be very icy in April. Consider some microspikes or similar.

I did not see more than 3-4 people after Cottonwood Campground and I had the North Rim to myself both times.

You are right about temperature swings. The last day on my way out in 2010 it was in the 80's at Phantom Ranch and I topped out on the South Rim in a snowstorm several hours later.

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Sukhwant Jhaj

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: Snow? on 02/25/2012 17:44:39 MST Print View

Thanks Kevin.

I believe I have access to the Yurt on the North Rim. If not, I will choose a mattress with more insulation, or add a layer of insulation under Neo Air. Good point about ice. Will add microspikes or similar. I have never used Snowshoes. Looks like I might have to add gaiters.