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Canon 30D vs. XTI
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Harlan Schwartz
(Brookieman) - F
Canon 30D vs. XTI on 01/29/2007 15:40:27 MST Print View

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new digital SLR. I'm debating between the Canon 30D and the XTI. Anyone have any experience with these models...thanks

Nathan Moody
(atomick) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
30D, XTi: Both Great Cameras! on 01/29/2007 16:16:00 MST Print View

I've got at least in-store experience with both. Both use the latest in Canon's excellent sensor, image processor, and UI/control really can't go wrong with either.

That said, some key differences:
- XTi is smaller; some love this, others hate it. Question of personal ergonomics.

- The viewfinder on the 30D is larger than that of the XTi - feels brighter, too, regardless of lens.

- The 30D has better image quality and far better low-light/high-ISO performance, very close to the Canon 5D in noise control at high ISO's

- The 30D's construction is noticably chunkier and robust (that said, I've had a Digital Rebel, the original 300D, for four years and use in sand, dust, dirt and even a flood have proven even that old model to be pretty robust).

- Shutter lag seems less on the 30D, and CF writes seem faster. This is perhaps subjective..? (Also subjectively speaking, I find 30D operation to be faster, with two dials you can use simultaneously - not an issue if you don't shoot Manual all the time)

- The XTi is lighter, as befits this forum. :-D

I tested them all, and as a digital imaging professional, I took the weight penalty for image quality and got the 5D. The 30D really is like a mini 5D, having more in common with that camera than the XTi.

Be sure to check out for massively in-depth reviews...and, really, you can't go wrong with either camera. Just depends on what tradeoffs you can stomach and kinds of images you make.

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Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Another Canon Option on 01/29/2007 17:32:16 MST Print View

Canon D40

But it doesn't do bracketing if that's important to you...

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Michael Coulter
(azhiker) - F

Locale: Arizona
Re: Canon 30D vs. XTI on 02/14/2007 22:41:46 MST Print View

I carry an XTI when I go backpacking. I have a good light weight Canon 28mm-135mm lens. It's one of the best non-L series lens Canon makes and it runs about $400 street.

The XTI is lighter than the 30D which makes a big difference when hiking or backpacking. The XTI is 10MegaPix where the 30D is 8MegaPix. Unless you are going to print photos larger than 11x17 or you intend on doing a lot of cropping (sports photography) the extra 2MegaPix will not buy you much for general hiking pictures.

The 30D will take 5fps as opposed to the XTI which is 3fps. Unless you are shooting sports, this spec will not make any difference.

The XTI has teh new auto sensor cleaner which is nice especially if your camera is going to be taken out into a dusty environment.

I believe the ISO is a little better with the 30D, but this makes little difference for hiking pictures since you are outside and would rarely take the ISO above 800.

The bottom line is that if you will predominantly be using the camera for hiking and backpacking, the XTI wins hands down. I like the 30D a great deal. It's just that Canon really surprised everyone with the XTI and the purchase price. It was really hard to justify buying the 30D for a lot of applications.

I have the XTI for backpacking and I will purchase the successor to the 30D (40D) for sports photography when it comes out this year. It should have the new sensor and DSP.

If you want really good reviews on these two cameras, go to

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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Ergonomics on 02/15/2007 16:33:57 MST Print View

All valid comments except that suspect bit of humor from Steve.
My suggestion would be to handle both cameras, and that not so Canon D40, and see which one you like. I often tell my customers that the best camera is the one they have with them, an 8"x10" film set up will put all of those digital "toys" to shame but will never leave the studio.
I have worked in photo retail for over 25 years with a guy that has never had any real interest in taking pictures. Late last year he purchased the Sony R1 ( a brand that he liked to rubbish..) and has taken so far thousands of pictures , a lot of them are very,very good. He has found a 'tool' that he likes to use and he gets the best out of it. (he has big hands,BTW)
Some have found the Canon XTI too small, most buy it because it is so small.
Bottom line, get the one you like, none of the above mentioned cameras will disappoint if you have an eye for picture taking.

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: Canon 30D vs. XTI on 02/15/2007 19:04:07 MST Print View

Harlan, let us know what you buy and your impressions of the different cameras. All are great cameras, but the D40 is a real sweet number in my book. Minimal noise at ISO 800 which means great images in low light situations. With Nikon and Canon you really can't go wrong.;jsessionid=FVSwlMYQzn!-343123120?O=Search&A=details&Q=&sku=471716&is=REG&addedTroughType=search

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Felicisimo Silabay
(williams46) - F
Hope This Helps on 03/24/2007 23:24:03 MDT Print View

Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera – has an average expert rating of 84 (based on 22 expert sources)

SmartRatings - Expert Reviews & Ratings for Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera

Canon EOS Rebel XTi Black SLR Digital Camera – has an average expert rating of 82 (based on 21 expert sources)

SmartRatings - Expert Ratings & Ratings for Canon EOS Rebel XTi Black SLR Digital Camera

Perhaps, Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera is better if it fits your budget.

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Nikolas Andersen
(nsandersen) - MLife
Another review site on 03/26/2007 13:37:43 MDT Print View is also good, I find. Hmm.. wish I could afford that 400D + a good lens!

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Summit CO
(Summit) - F

Locale: 9300ft
for most ULers the Rebel wins on 03/29/2007 13:22:36 MDT Print View

Honestly unless you are doing a lot of manual mode or you need the FPS for other uses, there isn't much reason for a landscape shooter to choose a 30D