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Dog question
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Doug Wolfe
Dog question on 02/22/2012 08:03:14 MST Print View

I've got a boxer pup bout 4 months old an I putting into consideration taking her with me for her first overnight trip in harriman ny this weekend.. Conditions are going to be saturday high of 41 sunday morning low of 23 with a high of 40 for the day with the wind blowing from 10-15mph both days an from what I understand no snow on the ground either..... Any suggestions to as of weather or not I should bring her.. I really want to bring her but I'm not sure..

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Doug Smith
(Jedi5150) - F

Locale: Central CA
Boxer on 02/22/2012 22:09:30 MST Print View

Boxers have pretty short coats. How does she do with weather in the 40's normally? or has she experienced it? There is one way to find out though, take her. ;-) I have become so used to hiking with my dogs (and camping), that I refuse to go without them anymore (one or the other). They are both Belgian Malinois, so their coat is slightly longer than your girl's, although mine are acclimated to fairly warm weather. That doesn't stop them from absolutely loving the snow.

My male is with me 24-7, 365 days a year. He is with me at home, when I'm sleeping, and when I'm at work (in fact he is my job). So if you couldn't guess, I'm a dog lover. I say start her off early and have many years of happy hiking with her. Learn some basic K9 first aid, and bring enough spare sleeping gear/ clothing so that if she gets too cold you can get her comfortable. But I believe most dogs are far more resillient to weather than we humans are. Also, 4 months is fairly young, so keep the distance manageable for her.

Just my .02 cents.

PS- Let's see some proud papa pics of her. I'm sure you have some. :)
(I'm not sure how to post pictures on this site or I'd tell you).

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Doug Wolfe
Roxer the boxer on 02/23/2012 04:36:56 MST Print View

Mileage won't be a problem for her I don't think we trail run 3 days a week keeping the pace @ about 9 min or so mile plus she has her fair share of day hikes in. We live in jersey an our winter has been ridiculously mild.. Rox has experienced temps as low as upper 20s, but this is running/jogging so her hearts a pumping...
I'm going to go to petsmart tonight to get her some kind of hopefully tough looking fleece jacket if such a thing even exists..
What I decided to do was change my loop to where I can break camp bout a mile or so from my truck so that if I need to bail I'm able to get her back to my truck fairly quick.. I figured this would be a good way to test her out.. As far as sleeping I was thinking about tucking her in my quilt with me and bringing an extra half of a short z test for her.
As far as a pic I don't know how do do it by phone

USA Duane Hall
(hikerduane) - F

Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada
Week trip on 02/23/2012 17:37:49 MST Print View

I took my 10 week old female Dobie on a summer, week long trip, under 45 miles. She did great, darting from one spot of shade to another. I carried her some, even when the poor thing got bombed by yellow jackets, she kept going, whining a little. Her dad got into something and I had to visit the vet a day early to see what caused his jaw to swell up. For you, I would think draping something over her at night would keep her warm and something to lay on to stay off the cold ground.