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Franco versus Jetboil
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Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Franco versus Jetboil on 01/29/2007 02:52:02 MST Print View

This is my poor man/lightweight enthusiast version of the Jetboil. Not very similar at all, except that it is almost as efficient, weights 160gm less and packs smaller, all inside the pot. It consists of a modified Tatonka 1L titanium pot, pot lifter,home made (very) cozy, Kovea stove and my wrap around the pot windscreen made out from three cans. The trick is to leave the gas on low output, 1/2 liter boils in six to eight minutes (20c to 5c) and you will get a boil for under 10g (1/3 oz) of gas.
On my not so extensive tests (there is only room for one Roger Caffin in Australia) I worked out that it would take the Jetboil at least eight days to catch up with the difference in weight.My typical use is 1 to 2L per day mostly 1.5L. On my scale, the Jetboil is 435gm and my system 275gm (without the gas canister). Next, if I can be bothered, I will make a hanging set up so that theoretically ( never do this, blah,blah) you will be able to cook inside some tents without having to worry too much about wetting your bag.
The canister inside the pot is the 100gm not the 250gm in the second picture
Safety warning
This system is meant to save gas so it works only on a low gas setting, hence the 6 to 8 minutes boil. If you turn the gas up you will likely snuff out the flame or blow up the canister. As a simple rule , if the top of the canister gets too hot to keep you hand on it, it is too hot.
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Tony Beasley
(tbeasley) - MLife

Locale: Pigeon House Mt from the Castle
re: Franco versus Jetboil on 02/08/2007 21:13:11 MST Print View

Hi Franco,

Nice to see other people doing testing and development of bushwalking stoves here in Australia. I am particularly interested in your windshield design and stove efficiency testing. I have been thinking about doing something similar to your windscreen but have been worried about the burner not getting enough air if you are getting success at low out put then it might not be an issue.

I also do some testing of stoves and pots, as you can see from the graph below your figures match mine closely. I have the same boil time but I only use about 6 g of gas. Pocket rocket Snow peak Ti 1l pot no wind shield


Fuel vs time to boils 0.5 l water graph

Brian James
(bjamesd) - F

Locale: South Coast of BC
re: Franco versus Jetboil on 02/08/2007 21:54:22 MST Print View

For above-freezing use you could cut a simple disc to sit on the canister and reflect radiation. It would keep your canister cooler and add (a small amount of) efficiency.

Sweet setup! I am wondering how such a windscreen would work on a Primus ETA pot... if you believe their hype (fuel economy increased by 50%) you could see a sub-5-gram boil...