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spring it on me!
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Leslie Thurston
(lesler) - F

Locale: right here, right now
spring it on me! on 02/20/2012 10:04:36 MST Print View

spring is coming and i'm throbbing to cycle.
i'm far from a bike mechanic, but i'm amping it up.
think: top-roping> lead
kinda, sorta.
what are suggestive measures to get my bike road-readied?
as in, what are the absolutes to attend to?
i've purchased a book to assist, and i'm certain i can navigate
(or at least try)
bottom line: i'm wishing to avoid getting hosed by the local bike shop.

Jake D
(JakeDatc) - F

Locale: Bristol,RI
Re: spring it on me! on 02/21/2012 12:56:35 MST Print View

I clean and lube my chain every 100-200mi all year long. every 500 or so i take the cassette off and scrub each cog to get rid of the gunk. I also use a dental pick to scrape out around the rear derailler pully cogs. a quick wipe of the front chainrings with a rag doesn't hurt either.


rag/old t shirt scraps for wiping chain, another "clean" one for wiping excess lube after it soaks on the chain for a while.

cheap dental pick

Park Tool SR-1 Sprocket Remover/Chain Whip for taking the cassette off
Park Tool FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool " "

i use Prolink gold for lube and Simple Green to scrub the cassette off the bike.

that is most of a tune up. as long as your cables aren't rusty and shifting is good then you don't need to mess with that.

Charlie Murphy
(baltocharlie) - F

Locale: MAryland
Re: spring it on me! on 02/29/2012 06:52:10 MST Print View

This site is the best I have found anywhere. I also use their tools as they represent some of the best out there. Don't get cheap tools.

Plus has a great mechanics section with cyclist eager to help

I ride everyday(commuter) and clean/lube the drive train weekly. I also make sure the brake pads are free of crud(especially in winter)and tires inflated(weekly as well). These chores should be done regularly.
FWIW: going from top roping to the sharp end is way more difficult:) Charlie

Jake D
(JakeDatc) - F

Locale: Bristol,RI
Re: Re: spring it on me! on 03/02/2012 12:30:07 MST Print View

"going from top roping to the sharp end is way more difficult:"

bahh don't be a wimp ;)

park tools site is definitely awesome. and bikeforums has pulled me out of jams even my bike shop couldn't figure out.