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Beak for tarp
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peter tooke
(petersont) - M

Locale: NYC
Beak for tarp on 02/17/2012 18:08:26 MST Print View


I'd like to add a modular beak for my MLD grace duo (cuben) tarp. I've considered just ordering the HMG beak 2 and making it work - it seems like it should with a few modifications.
Otherwise, make one myself with questionable results, klutz that I am...

But I REALLY like the idea of extending the coverage of my tarp, if only a bit ( need not go all the way to the ground ). ie, make semi-horizontal wind and rain from easy access to me.

All approaches, ideas, suggestions much appreciated-


Lance Marshall
(Lancem) - F - MLife

Locale: Oregon
Re: Beak for tarp on 02/18/2012 00:42:40 MST Print View

Peter, Here's one way to add a beak. The two halves of the beak are separate from each other and are sewn to the front hem of the tent/tarp. They can be extended or rolled back independently. This is particularly advantageous for a retro-fit because it doesn't interfere with the ridge tie out. Any type of pole can be used at any distance from the tie out. None, one or both sides can be extended without a stress point where they would otherwise be connected to each other near the peak. This works fine for protecting the entrance from wind and rain. Yes, water can drip from the peak opening, but it drips clear of the entrance. The two halves attach to each other with velcro and attach separately to the front guy line via shock cord, modified mitten hooks, and a small tautline hitch.

Peak with different poles:

Peak 030

Peak 026

Peak 031

Peak 032

Peak 033

Peak 034

Attachment to front guy line:

Peak 021

Peak 022

Peak 023

Peak 024

Tie back loops:

Peak 025

Peak 027

Pieces from a retrofit:

Peak 013

Peak 014

Peak 034

Peak 035

Peak 036

Attaching to a tent during initial construction. I have also retrofitted tents with the same pattern. The placement is slightly different.

Peak 052b

Peak 053

Peak 062b

Under side of ridge tie out:

Peak 003

Hope this helps.

Edited by Lancem on 02/18/2012 01:04:17 MST.

peter tooke
(petersont) - M

Locale: NYC
re:beak for tarp on 02/18/2012 07:16:14 MST Print View

Wow, thanks for taking the time to post such a helpful reply.
I will study the pics and try to come back with some better thought out questions, but right off the bat, I am hesitant to apply my less than stellar sewing skills to Ron's beautiful Cuben tarp. Just one reason I like the idea of what HMG did with their echo tarp / beak system.
I would love to see a wide shot of your tent/beak - very nice work.


todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Beak for tarp on 02/18/2012 08:22:14 MST Print View

Lance those pics are great!

Jack Hoster
(OrlandoHanger) - F
Beak for tarp on 02/18/2012 14:05:47 MST Print View

Holy COW! What a tarp!

I want one too!