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WTB Bushbuddy Stove
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Gerald Magnes

Locale: Upstate NY
WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 01/27/2007 22:18:22 MST Print View

Anyone have a Bushbuddy stove they'd like to sell?
Gerry Magnes
email me at:
gmagnes nycap rr com

b d
(bdavis) - F

Locale: Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 01/27/2007 22:29:10 MST Print View

I don't think I'll ever sell mine, but if you call the guy in Canada that makes them or email him he responds. He is a regular guy like Henry Shires, Ron Moak, Van Peski and even that pesky group at BPL. Make sure to ask about the difference in weight between the Ultra and the Regular if you communicate. They are to die for, IMO. I am having more fun with that stove. bd

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Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 02/16/2007 00:04:01 MST Print View

Bushbuddy for sale here

Gerald Magnes

Locale: Upstate NY
Re: Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 02/16/2007 22:34:51 MST Print View

Thanks but I was looking for a used one at a more reasonable price. Although I know it's been well reviewed and looks like a simple, elegant design, the $100+ price tag makes it about the most expensive stove out there. thanks anyway,

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: Re: Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 02/17/2007 00:43:36 MST Print View

I know there was some discussion about a DIY Bush Buddy like stove on BPL. I agree on the price. I'll stick with my Super Cat stove or try a DIY wood stove.

Ryan Jordan
(ryan) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Greater Yellowstone
Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 02/17/2007 09:44:54 MST Print View

The Bushbuddy's price reflects small-lot production that comes from having us spec a custom size and material set, which cuts the weight of the standard BB in half.

More important, however, is that Fritz is truly a master craftsman, and each one is built with an attention to detail, they are truly beautiful pieces of gear, something that has long since been lost in mass market manufacturing. He clearly takes a lot of pride in his work, and these stoves take a lot of time to build.


Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 02/17/2007 11:48:23 MST Print View

Ryan, I am sure that the Bush Buddy stove will outperform any DIY stove I can make. And I can really appreciate the time Fritz takes in building them. Craftsmanship is pretty much extinct in America. For me, personally, it is about budget.

Darrell Trump
(dtrumpster1) - F

Locale: Connecticut
Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 03/28/2008 12:12:25 MDT Print View

I just purchased the stove and looking forward to playing with it. However, I was just advised by a hiking buddy that this stove is not allowed in the National Parks above 9,600 feet, where we spend most of our time (John Muir Trail). Can anyone advise - is this really the case? Do I need to keep my Snow Peak stove around?

Dave .
(Ramapo) - F
No reason for alam on 03/28/2008 12:52:12 MDT Print View

Darrell, there's no reason for alarm. There are some areas that you will not be permitted to use the Bushbuddy in. Here are two options for dealing with those situations:

1. Buy a gram cracker esbit stove from trail designs and enough esbit fuel tabs to get you through your trip. (You should be carrying some esbit fuel tabs anyway if you're using the bushbuddy as they can be very useful for starting cook fires in damp/wet conditions.) Take the top piece of your bushbuddy and set it on the ground, ideally on a rock and/or with some foil underneath it to protect the ground and deflect the heat upwards rather than into the ground. Place the gram cracker in the center of the pot stand and place an esbit tab in the gram cracker. Light it up and you're in business. This set up will get you through areas that are designated no fire zones and it'll cost you about $12 more and about 1 oz.

2. In lieu of the gram cracker you could use the BPL ebit Ti-wing stove. Same deal as above, except you can't use it in conjunction with the bushbuddy pot stand top piece, so you'll need a wind screen as well.

Option 1 works best.

Good luck.

Edited by Ramapo on 03/28/2008 12:55:08 MDT.

Max Hoagland
(maxhoagland) - F
WTB Bushbuddy Stove at 9600 ft on 03/28/2008 14:29:40 MDT Print View

The reason you aren't suppose to use your bushbuddy stove over 9600 ft is because that is where the treeline ends in some national parks, mostly in the west. You are never suppose to gather wood above or near treeline, because it strips the delicate ecosystem of its few decomposing materials. So yeah, don't count on burning any wood above treeline, bring some extra fuel or something like David suggested.

Andrew Richardson
(arichardson6) - F

Locale: North East
Re: WTB Bushbuddy Stove on 03/28/2008 14:48:45 MDT Print View

To those looking to buy:

You can purchase the stoves directly from Fritz at

They have the original version which is now the same size as the ultra and only a few ounces heavier. It costs $25 less or so...

Dave: Awesome Awesome tip. Thanks man!

cary bertoncini
(cbert) - F

Locale: N. California
bushbuddy high on 03/28/2008 17:30:16 MDT Print View


when i was up high with my bushbuddy, i burned wood that i gathered as i walked down lower - so get low and burn high i guess. :)

Les Layer
bushbuddy stove on 04/10/2008 20:34:48 MDT Print View

was just wanted to know if any one knows the rules about open flame and is this going to be an issue with the bb