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Built a new quilt
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Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Built a new quilt on 02/12/2012 12:40:22 MST Print View

Basically a M90 Apex 3.3 base quilt with a footbox and zipper in the side so I can access the inside to add in more liners or more insulation etc.

One layer of 5MM silk covers and protects the open side of the Apex.

On the inside of the base quilt I Sewed on 9 loose end ties. Basically the smallest flat cord I could find from thru hiker. Each of those is about 6" long so I can tie on one or more inner liners for more warmth. 4 of those are on the sides and align with the loop tieouts on the outside that go under the pad.

The footbox is loose.

Weighs 20 oz. Not SUL but versitile.

I also built a 5oz Apex silk covered Liner. It has 9 tiny loops that match the tieouts
on the base quilt.

Weighs 17 oz.

These are big quilts, IE 6'-3" and wide and about 3 yards in total area so not SUL in that respect.

Turn the base quilt inside out and tie on the liner and flip it back and zip it up.

Also made an insultex liner. It is a semi breathable layer and weighs 4 oz.
Had some laying around.

One interesting thing I did not realize before I started, is with the insulation attached to one side and the outer entire foot box loose you can use it either way, IE the side with the insulation attached in or out.

In general it works better with the attached side on the inside since you dont have fabric sliding around inside, but if the insulation is on the outside that would allow you to put a less permeable layer/liner, vapor barrier liner etc on the inside.

Also if you wanted to use a down liner you would want the climashield on the outside etc.

I also think I will build a SUL summer quilt with Momentum M55 and 2.5 Apex whenever thruhiker has that back in stock again. Will also build that to go inside if I want since it would only take 5 additional tiny loops.

That one will weigh about 13oz so it plus the base quilt will be 4 layers of Momentum, 1 layer of silk, and CLO for 5.8oz of 4.76 for the insulation only.
Total weight 33 oz for both.

The base quilt plus the 5oz apex quilt will be 2 layers of momentum, 3 layers of silk and CLO for 8oz of 6.56 for the insulation only. My 5 oz Apex was more like 4.7oz.
Total weight 37 oz for both.

The Apex 3.3 + 5 setup stuffs to 13" x 8".

The insultex layer would add about 4 oz and add roughly 10-12F.

It was an incredible PIA to build the first one but its finished.
Have not double stitched the seams until I make sure no changes.

Could have just built two quilts, but I have wanted to try something like this for a while.

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Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
piiiiics on 02/12/2012 13:03:25 MST Print View

Eye candy pics or it didn't happen. :)


todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Built a new quilt on 02/12/2012 13:03:38 MST Print View

We wanna see it!!!!

Not bad weight for the modular capabilities. Sounds nice. Can't wait to see the footbox, btw.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Built a new quilt on 02/12/2012 13:10:23 MST Print View

Basically it just looks like any other MYOG footbox quilt, just with a zipper on one side.

Will post pics later.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Pics on 02/12/2012 14:42:33 MST Print View

Here you go.
Link to pics

1. Quilt laid out. This is the 5 + 3.3 layers together.
2. Footbox
3. Detail of the top draw cord.
4. Detail of the tie out loop for under a pad.
5. Bottom opening with access zipper on the top part.
6. Detail of the V, zipper on the bottom.
7. Both shells (outer is inside out) and liner shown face to face as if you were going to tie them together. Base 3.3oz quilt/shell is on the top. The 5oz silk quilt is on the bottom. This is built exactly like a normal quilt only no drawstring, snap and no large loops etc.

8. Loop and tie. The tie is on the Base 3.3 quilt/shell so you can attach more than one inner liner. Loop is on the seam of the 5oz quilt.

9. Stuffed, although not a good way to handle one. +- 13x8. That is a Montbell #5 burrow stuff sack. That said if and when it deflates you can always open it up take out the old stuffing and put in the latest greatest insulation.

10. Insultex liner. Still have to hem it and sew on the loops.

11 and 12. Details from another quilt but basically the same.

13. Pattern. The one on the right is almost identical to what I made except I changed the neck dimension smaller. To the left is a golite ultra 20 long I measured.

You could probably omit the silk shells if you were very careful with the insulation.
No velcro though. With no silk to protect the insulation Changing in the field say under a tarp would be dicey.

Other options are 3MM silk gauze or scrim. 5mm silk was a real PIA to work with.
Cant imagine what 3mm silk gauze would be like.

The 5mm Silk I have weighs around .58 oz per SY.

Edited by tammons on 02/12/2012 14:45:37 MST.

Jack Hoster
(OrlandoHanger) - F
Quilt LInk on 02/12/2012 15:24:47 MST Print View


Quilt Link

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