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Diane Pinkers
(dipink) - MLife

Locale: Western Washington
ghee on 02/08/2012 11:52:50 MST Print View

Hey, I was reading about making ghee for the trail, and how it is stable over the long-term, and less likely to trigger casein allergies. One thing I wasn't sure about, though--is it liquid or solid at room temperature?

Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
Solid for us on 02/08/2012 13:01:59 MST Print View

We leave some on our counter, to use instead of oil when cooking. Our house is in the low 60s, and it stays solid.

Ghee is dead easy to make with unsalted butter, and helps my wife avoid her casein sensitivity. I say go for it but use a squeeze tube if you want to pack with it, so you can squeeze it out if it is solid but it stays in if it goes liquid.

It tastes great.

Ben H.
(bzhayes) - F

Locale: So. California
Liquid on 02/08/2012 13:51:19 MST Print View

Every time I have seen my Indian friends cook with it it was liquid. The first time I saw it, my friend said it was "ghee, but you know it as butter oil." I said I had never heard of either one.

Based on the response above, I guessing it doesn't have to get too cold to solidify. You maintain your house in the low 60's? Here in So. Cal. people pull out their winter parkas when it drops below 65.

Clint Hewitt
(WalkSoftly33) - F

Locale: New England
Ghee on 02/08/2012 14:21:53 MST Print View

One of my favorite drinks, is warmed Ghee, honey, almond milk, cardamon and cinnamon. It is delicious and hunger quenching. 3 to 1 ghee to honey.

I buy my ghee in a glass jar, stays solid. never thought of making it.

Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: Liquid on 02/08/2012 14:32:07 MST Print View

Yep. We keep it at 62-64 degrees during the winter. No ac during the summer either.

We always tell our kids "put on a sweater if you are chilly". My son runs around in his skivvies anyway. Darn kid. :)