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Side sleeper in need of a sleeping bag or quilt suggestions
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(Obelix) - F
Side sleeper in need of a sleeping bag or quilt suggestions on 02/08/2012 08:57:10 MST Print View

Hi All
Can anyone suggest a suitable side sleeper quilt or bag rated down to 30f \ 0c ?

I have tried the Western Mountaineering Summerlite but found it a slim fit when sleeping "figure-4" in the bag! I bring my knee up to hip height when sleeping (I think i'm not alone)and mummy bags tend to restrict this, without opening a zip.

I have a preference for a RH side zip, I am 180cm\6 ft, tend to run hot, and considering matching with a regular sized new release NeoAir Xlite.

I currently use a semi-rectangular bag but at 1.3kgs which could be halved with the right choice.

Links or references much appreciated as choice is limited in Western Australia!

The future may lie here with Nemo but in the meantime no clue as to weight or availability...

Thanks in advance

(Obelix) - F
Right of reply on 06/19/2012 02:20:00 MDT Print View

Just to let you know that I plan to evaluate the Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XLite (Regular) @ 337g combined with a GoLite UltraLite 800 Fill 3-Season Quilt (Regular)@ 725g. It just maybe side sleeper heaven!

Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
Z packs bag on 06/19/2012 10:18:10 MDT Print View

Check out Joe's bags. He calls them back zip. I call them center zip and love them as a side sleeper. I got a long instead of theregular to accommodate the fig four effect, and a wide for using as a quilt as well. I roll with the bag. I'm finding out very nice. No links as i'm writing this from my phone

Raymond Estrella
(rayestrella) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Quilt for 30 F on 06/19/2012 12:50:51 MDT Print View

I am a side-sleeper and use quilts for everything from 0F and above. I have a Nunatak Arc Specialist that I take to 30 F:

As far as the XLite goes, two weeks ago I took it with a tiny 9.75 oz 45/50 F quilt and had the temp unexpectedly drop to 34 F. I froze on top but the pad was fine. It seems to be warmer than the original NeoAir.

Sumi Wada
(DetroitTigerFan) - F

Locale: Ann Arbor
Re: Side sleeper in need of a sleeping bag or quilt suggestions on 06/19/2012 15:14:20 MDT Print View

I'm guessing that a quilt will be your best bet but if you find that you want a sleeping bag, consider a "women's" cut; it will give you a little more room at the hips/thighs. I can do a "figure-4" in my Feathered Friends Grouse, which is their women's 30-degree bag.

Don Abernathey
(OldGuysRule) - F

Locale: PNW
A 52"+ wide quilt would be best on 06/19/2012 16:10:31 MDT Print View

If you side sleep then a wide quilt, (normal is usually 48"), should work for you. I use a 53" wide 20*F quilt.

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Katabatic Gear Palisade on 06/19/2012 16:41:21 MDT Print View

Try the Katabatic Gear Palisade. It's down-filled and rated 30F, but I was warm in it below that. I sleep on my side and also tend to roll around a lot, but it always worked great for me. They have other models rated higher and lower as well.

Ben Crocker
(alexdrewreed) - M

Locale: Kentucky
SIde sleeping on 06/19/2012 16:45:14 MDT Print View

I would look at the wide Enlightened Equipment quilt; great deal.
For a bag, I would check out the Montbell bags. The stretch seems to allow a lot of leg gymnastics.

Emily B
Side sleeper in need of a sleeping bag or quilt suggestions on 06/19/2012 18:54:57 MDT Print View

I don't have much experience with quilts, but I sleep in the 4 and on my side also, and every other which-way, and have found two bags that work great: one Montbell and one Western Mountaineering. I used the Montbell as a quilt once, and that worked fine. I'm a cold sleeper and only 5'6", so you'll have to look among the related options in the links below to decide which one would best suit you. I got one of them on ebay and one on the gear swap here, and those may be good options for you, for shipping to Australia.

They are:

Western Mountaineering Sycamore, or try another of their semi-rectangular bags. Here's a comparison chart:

Montbell UL Super Spiral Down Hugger (800)
It looks like sometime this year Montbell has re-assessed the bags' temperature ratings and made them more conservative. So if you're not getting a brand-spanking new one, google the specs from some pre-2012 write-up, and compare them to current ones to get a more realistic picture. (For example, I have the #3; it has 10 oz of fill, weighs 21 oz, and had a temp rating of 30 degrees F. The new 2012 #3 has 11oz fill, weighs 22oz, has a lower-limit rating of 30 and a comfort rating of 40 F.)

andrew brown
(abrown3mtg) - F

Locale: High Rockies
+1 montbell on 06/20/2012 04:17:36 MDT Print View

ONLY bag I've ever slept well in. I have the ul#1 SS. I toss, turn and move too much.. you'll love it!

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
+1 on Golite. on 06/20/2012 08:28:32 MDT Print View

Golite 3 season quilt. Great price and I can toss and turn all night long.

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
Two quilts and a bag to recommend on 06/21/2012 10:00:41 MDT Print View

Nunatak Arc Ghost (mine is slightly modified to improve it for a side sleeper) and Back Country Blanket, both reviewed at

Valandre Mirage, rated to 25 F. A bit more room and a hood.