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San Jacinto Silouettes
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Chris Miller
(chrisdm) - F
San Jacinto Silouettes on 01/25/2007 22:04:41 MST Print View

Hi all, I just returned from a short overnighter in the San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs, CA. It was my first winter trip, and I really enjoyed playing in the snow...

Photography was the primary goal of the trip, but mother nature did not cooperate, as there were no clouds or sky texture at all. So, I will usually experiment with abstracts, silouettes, black and whites, etc, when this happens. I did get a couple siloutte shots that I think turned out well. I'll post them here along with a couple documentary photos of myself and my gear...

Infrared snow...

Thanks for looking everyone. Let's keep the "photo gallery" alive...

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Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Nice photos Chris, some of Japan on 01/26/2007 00:38:50 MST Print View

Chris, nice photos. I will post a few pics to keep this thread alive too. How do you like your BD tent? It is Epic fabric, correct? I just ordered a BD FirstLight and Im hopeful it will work well for me.

pics from japan. The mountain is of course, Fuji.
Edit: strange, when I posted them the pics were same size and resolution; they came out much lower resolution; must be BPL saving disk space..


fuji sunrise

fuji sunset

misty path

yatsugatake trees

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Stephen Nelson
(stephenn6289) - F

Locale: Sunshine State
great pictures on 01/26/2007 05:59:13 MST Print View

both of you guys, very cool. It is nice to see taht it actually changes to winter in some places around the world (not florida).

Chris Miller
(chrisdm) - F
Wird resizing... on 01/26/2007 06:47:54 MST Print View

Thanks Brett. I really like your walkway photo the best. My iamges did something strange when I tried to post them as well. My "big" photos were originally 1000 px wide, and when I uploaded them to BPL, they got downsized significantly. And the "camp" photos were 800 px wide, and they got uprez'ed! Wierd... So, I posted them to my pbase site and hyperlinked from there instead.

Thanks for sharing your photos, see you around the board...

Chris Miller
(chrisdm) - F
Re: Nice photos Chris, some of Japan on 01/26/2007 06:54:52 MST Print View

Brett, I forgot to comment about the tent. Yes, it is Epic fabric, and I do like the tent. The fabric is pretty flimsy, and it did tear last week during some high winds in Joshua Tree. And I haven't had the tent in any weather yet, so we'll see... Also, the Tent isn't as easy to set up as my Sierra Designs Sirius. But, it weighs over a pound less and is much smaller in my pack, so I really can't complain. I also have the Fibraplex carbon fiber poles, which are really, really light and work just as well as the stock ones.

You should dig your firstlight as well. I would have preferred it over the lighthouse as well, but I am over 6 ft tall, and the firstlight is a little short for me.

Chris Miller
(chrisdm) - F
Re: great pictures on 01/26/2007 07:39:50 MST Print View

Thanks Stephen, I appreciate it.

Elliot Lockwood
(elockwood) - F
Re: Re: great pictures on 01/26/2007 18:22:11 MST Print View

Great photos from the both of you. I've seen BPL do odd things to a lot of people's photos so I host mine separately.

I like the dark "vegnetted" look of the sky and the red/blue contrast on the first.

Chris Miller
(chrisdm) - F
Re: Re: Re: great pictures on 01/27/2007 00:48:37 MST Print View

Thanks Elliot. In fact that vignette in the upper left hand corner seems to be a defect of my 18-55. I admit it can look appeling, but it wasn't intentional. I usually shoot landscapes with the 16-45, but I was shaving ounces for my first ever winter trip... I will leave the kit lens in the drawer next time for sure.

Joseph Williams
(deadogdancing) - F

Locale: SW England
like a japanese painting on 05/28/2007 16:00:49 MDT Print View

that first image is so evocative, like something out of a Japanese painting- looked at it for about twenty minutes..really strong feeling...