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Gmap4 - Enhanced Google map viewer + high resolution topo maps + more
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Joseph Elfelt
(Jelff) - F
Gmap4 - Easy and fast way to make a custom online topo map. No data file needed! on 03/22/2013 14:13:22 MDT Print View

Recently Gmap4 was updated to version 4.1 and now includes a unique map-in-a-link feature that is worth mentioning. Anyone can now make a custom map and save their data right in a Gmap4 link. You do not need to save your data in a separate file such as a GPX or KML file. This may be the easiest and faster way for you to make a custom online topographic map.

To try out this feature:
1. Click Menu ==> Draw and Save
2. Click the map a few times to set draggable symbols and draw a line
3. Rightclick any symbol and select “Gmap4 display long link”

You can copy the link that is displayed, paste it into a new browser address bar, hit enter and your custom map will be displayed.

This feature also works on your iPhone, iPad, android and other mobile device. Remember, Gmap4 is a browser app and your browser has to be online. After you tap the screen to set some draggable symbols then tap a symbol and select “Action Menu”. The list of actions include two different ways to save a Gmap4 link that includes your data.

More information on this map-in-a-link feature can be found in the following three places.

1. What’s new page
Note the tip about deleting the ll and z parameters from your Gmap4 link.

2. Example page
Scroll down to the section titled “Your map data saved in the Gmap4 link”. The examples range from basic to advanced and give you a quick way to see some of the kinds of maps you can make with this feature.

3. Help file
You can download the PDF file and search it (control-f) for the section titled “Make a custom map with Gmap4 and save it”.

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
Redmond, WA

Joseph Elfelt
(Jelff) - F
Gmap4 can now display a vast amount of transparent overlays on 06/14/2013 21:00:24 MDT Print View

Some of you already know that Gmap4 is a general purpose file viewing tool for GPX, TPO, KML, KMZ and a couple of other file types.

I have posted beta version 934 (June 13th) that lets Gmap4 also be a general purpose WMS viewer. Why might you care? At last count there were approximately 1.2 bazillion WMS servers out there and this beta code can display most of that data. Specifically, you can:

* Build a Gmap4 link to display multiple layers from multiple WMS servers
* Turn transparent layers on/off one at a time or all together
* Change the stacking order of transparent layers
* Display transparent layers on top of any basemap hardcoded into Gmap4 or on top of any basemap added via WMS

As a software developer, it is always exciting to develop a feature that is first-of-its-kind. If there is any other software that lets you "click link - see WMS data", I would like to know about it.

The Gmap4 beta page has more examples and documentation showing step-by-step how to make your own Gmap4 links to display any WMS data you wish to see.

The example maps on the beta page include:
* Boundaries of federally owned land
* USA map with current weather radar
* NOAA coastal navigation charts including the most detailed charts
* Current forest fire boundaries
* Index to 1:24,000 scale topos for USA
* Index to 1:50,000 scale topos for Canada
* and more

There might be some kind of limit as to how complex(?) these maps can be. Gmap4 uses the Google map API but Google’s docs do not mention any such limit.

I would enjoy seeing any cool way you use this feature.

Also, while I am happy to answer questions please help me help you by first reading the information on the beta page. That information will answer a great many questions.

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy
Redmond, WA