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50% off Neoair's + free shipping (old style.. not xlite)
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Matthew Or
(MattO) - F
too late again on 02/03/2012 00:55:01 MST Print View

Reg. out of stock again ... :(

John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/03/2012 07:59:38 MST Print View

Interesting that Cascade Designs website only has NeoAir XLite's listed now.

The old style NeoAir is not even shown anymore. Does that mean they are not making that style anymore?

Todd Dea

Locale: Coast Mountains
oops on 02/03/2012 14:36:30 MST Print View

Anyone get shipping confirmation yet ?

I order a large and a reg. about 10 minutes after the OP posted the deal. Got confirmation of the order but no shipping confirmation yet.

Apparently how Backwoods work is that when they get an order they assign it to one of their stores to process (they have no central warehouse). Now if the store that they sent your order to happens to be out of stock on any part of the order they kick the order back to head office (but not necessarily right away though). Any orders that came in AFTER your order but happened to get assigned to a different store that had actually had stock COULD be fulfilled before yours.

Long story short : people who ordered neoairs on day two of the deal could actually end up getting theirs but those who ordered on day one (like me) but had their orders returned to head office because of lack of stock at a particular store, could be out of luck . . .

Zach Baker
(zwb0002) - F

Locale: the plains
shipping confirmation on 02/03/2012 17:00:57 MST Print View

I ordered a small neoair on Wednesday. They sent me a shipping confirmation yesterday, and the package should arrive tomorrow.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/03/2012 18:03:14 MST Print View

1st gen. NeoAirs are discontinued. Big mistake in my book. No rectangular pads other than the Trekker and All Season. -1 on tapered pads.

J Boro
(JBend) - F

Locale: PNW
Shipping confirmation on 02/03/2012 18:22:08 MST Print View

Todd- Ordered 2 Mediums at 10am on Thursday and haven't received a shipping confirmation either.

J Boro
(JBend) - F

Locale: PNW
Backwoods' Neoairs on 02/03/2012 18:49:18 MST Print View

I order two Neoairs from Backwoods on Thursday morning. I called an actual store today as I hadn't received a shipping confirmation and they informed me my order had been cancelled (the online crew did not tell me when they cancelled my order) and that there were 14 other cancelled orders for the same product. I asked the guy on the phone to check company inventory and even though he was really helpful, there weren't any left anywhere in the country,

Edited by JBend on 02/03/2012 18:55:05 MST.

Andrew Jennings
(breaktheshoal) - MLife

Locale: West of the Mississippi
Neoair(s) Shipped on 02/03/2012 20:33:35 MST Print View

Todd & J Boro,

I received my shipping confirmation email today, and Todd you're correct, Backwoods is shipping from the stores where they still have the Neoair in stock. In my case, I ordered two in large and received two shipping confirmation notices: one from Oklahoma City and one from Council Bluffs, Iowa. After reading your comment I was getting a little nervous about my order (I ordered mine on February 1st), but it appears that both are on the way. The only item I still have not received a confirmation for is my second stuff sack...

Hopefully this fire sale ends with happy customers rather than refunds. Good luck!

Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
RE Neoair large on 02/03/2012 23:02:59 MST Print View

Since I tried to get one and missed out, I would be interested in buying a large Neoair from someone here, if they find it's not what they wanted after trying it out.

Thanks ,Jack

Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
Re: NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/03/2012 23:46:18 MST Print View

not that surprising, they have always taken off older models from their website.

GoLite does this too, it's pretty annoying.

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: Xtherm on 02/06/2012 11:06:13 MST Print View

"I REALLY hope these closeouts mean that the Xtherm is going to be here soon."

I just ordered an Xtherm from Cabela's. Says it's due to arrive next tuesday. We'll see. Added a pair of socks to take advantage of 1 cent shipping on clothing.

Nigel Healy
(nigelhealy) - F

Locale: San Francisco bay area
Re: Re: NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/07/2012 01:24:23 MST Print View

"1st gen. NeoAirs are discontinued. Big mistake in my book. No rectangular pads other than the Trekker and All Season. -1 on tapered pads."

I'd agree when it is the Xlite small, its so tappered its not even there around the hips.

I've just used this old Geardeal and ordered a Neoair Small - the Xlite's weight saving is VAPOR when it comes to the SMALL, much less so the Regular. The additional R value, from my All Seasons experience is probably true.

Hope Backwoods honor and deliver my Neoair Small for its $65.

Justice Baker

Locale: Central Oregon
Re: Re: Xtherm on 02/07/2012 07:45:47 MST Print View

Let us know if you get the Xtherm from Cabelas, I will probably order one also.

Nathan Watts
(7sport) - MLife
Re: Re: Re: Xtherm on 02/07/2012 09:53:15 MST Print View

Just to update those interested on my Cabela's order:

The order confirmation email says I ordered an Xlite, when clearly that was not what I selected, nor what was shown in my cart at the time of checkout

I called customer service who were actually very helpful. The confirmed that the description on the order said XLite, but that the product code brought up the XTherm.

There was no way for them to go open my packed shipment to confirm one way or another what was actually being shipped. She said there's literally about a 3 minute window in which they can act after an order is placed because the system is very automated.

I had her make a note on my order about my concern and there is a free return label that ships with the package so I can get a refund if it's not what I wanted. Fortunately I only paid $0.01 for shipping so I guess I'd only be out 1 cent and some time if this turns out to be an Xlite.

I have my doubts (always did) that I'll end up with an XTherm for that price, but who knows. I will be sure to update you all once the package actually arrives

Wish me luck!

Todd Dea

Locale: Coast Mountains
Re: Re: Re: NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/07/2012 10:35:45 MST Print View

"Hope Backwoods honor and deliver my Neoair Small for its $65"

Pretty sure that those are sold out as well even though their web-site says they are still available. i think someone in the other "Backwoods" thread said that his order for a small neoair was refunded.

Anyone receive their NeoAir yet ?

I ordered a regular and a large and it looks like only the large shipped . . .

Bobby Lee
(rblee) - F
dissapointing on 02/07/2012 23:00:04 MST Print View

very dissapointing, not only the ancient inventory system they employ, but that refunds have not been quicker either. somebody mentioned earlier in this thread about companies making a quick cash grab. we shall see.
ive had refunds from real serious companies that take only take one or two days.

I will post when my refund is in my account, they notified me 2/2/12 that it was out of stock, so its been 3 business days(5 days)and no refund.

Bobby Lee
(rblee) - F
no refund on 02/09/2012 07:29:16 MST Print View

no refund yet

Sumi Wada
(DetroitTigerFan) - F

Locale: Ann Arbor
Re: no refund on 02/09/2012 09:32:02 MST Print View

If you used Visa or MC, you can dispute the charges and they have to withdraw the charge until they've investigated your dispute. It's an option you have.

Andrew Jennings
(breaktheshoal) - MLife

Locale: West of the Mississippi
(Partial) Success on 02/09/2012 09:33:29 MST Print View

I received my first (of two) Neoair in the mail yesterday along with the stuff sack. Hopefully the second will get here today... Hope others have luck with their orders.

Nigel Healy
(nigelhealy) - F

Locale: San Francisco bay area
Re: Re: Re: NeoAir's no longer on CD's website on 02/10/2012 21:18:14 MST Print View

I ordered from a Neoair Small , got an ordering confirmation. No shipping contact since, no shipping statement. My creditcard shows a temporary/pending item. I sent an email off to their customer service and will phone them Monday (only open 9-5 M-F).

Sounds like it was out of stock.

Edited by nigelhealy on 02/10/2012 21:25:29 MST.