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Early Summer High Sierra Pack List
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Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Early Summer High Sierra Pack List on 01/31/2012 16:09:34 MST Print View

This summer I really want to get back to the Sierras. My biggest goal is to get up to big 5 lakes out of mineral king in Sequioa. I failed doing that last year because of the effects of elevation and I was pretty disappointed. But I will probably make a week long trip out of it this time.
Anyways, I REALLY need to work on getting my gear together. Unfortunatley I am pretty broke, and might only have a few hundred bucks between now and summer that I can really spend. Definitely need to work on clothing.
I might go fairly early in summer (june) so I would need to ascend a few snowy mountain passes. I would be going up to probably 12-12.5k at the highest.

Quick Google math is putting it at 12.6875 pounds (203 ounces) for the base weight.
Add 2 1/2 liters is 5 lbs, 7 days of food at 1.5 lbs is 10.5 pounds. So my pack is looking at around 28 pounds, hoping I can get that down. No canister. Maybe I could get away with less food because I plan on taking this trip very slow... elevation tends to affect me much worse than others. And I plan of fishing it up constantly at all the lakes.

Pack: Ula Cirtuit: 2lbs (32oz)
I don't own this pack yet, but I might go with the ohm.

5x7 tarp: 9 oz (1.9 oz ripstop)
Tarp Rope: 4 oz

Sleep Gear:
Mountain Hardware Lamina 35: 2lbs 1oz (33 oz)
Cut Down Z-lite: 5.4 oz
Cheapo Space Blanket: 2 oz

Red Sweater Shirt: 8.0z
Patagonia Thermal Shirt(cap 3?): 7 oz
Large Cotton Hoodie: 1 lb (16 oz) (Really needs to be replaced, it's mostly my campfire sweater)
Cheap Poly/Cotton Long Underwear: 7 oz (Looking for something cheap and lighter, but on the thicker and warmer side)
Peruvian Style Wool/Acrylic Beanie: 3.7 oz
Fingerless Wool Gloves: 1.7 oz
Wool Socks: 3.5 oz

During the day I would mostly wear shorts and a shirt, unless it got cold.

Rain/Weather Gear:
Dri Ducks Top and Bottom: 10z? (don't have them yet. Planning on using the jacket for wind as well)
Seal Skins Socks: 4.3 oz (will replace if they don't work well.
Rei Softshell Short Gators: 3 oz (not sure if I need these, but intended for light but extended stretches of snow)

Water/Cook Gear
Nalgene Bottle: 3.8 oz
Nalgene Bottle: 3.8 oz
Spring Water Bottle (17 oz): 0.5
GSI sierra cup: 5oz
Msr Pocket Rocket: 3oz (will ditch this for a very light alchy stove, and carry barely any fuel because my trip plan allows for small cook fires most of the time.

Mora #2: 2.8 oz
Ice Axe: 14 oz-ish? (not purchased yet)
Microspikes: 13.3 oz

Black Diamond Headlamp (w/o batteries) – 1.3 oz
2x AA Batteries- 0.8 oz
Extra Batteries- 0.8 oz
Extra Batteries- 0.8 oz

Fire Kit:
Small Firesteel, REI Stormproof Matches, Fatwood Stick: 1.9 oz

Toilet Paper – 1oz
Travel Toothbrush – 0.4 oz
Tiny Toothpaste Tube – 0.5 oz

Small First aid kit: 1 oz
Bug Repelant: 1 oz

Erik Dietz

Locale: Los Angeles
ideas... on 02/01/2012 09:34:31 MST Print View

Hi Justin,

I'm hoping to do the same hike myself this summer. Here are a few ideas I had for your list.

1. I would work on your clothes list. Take almost nothing that's cotton or very little. It's heavy, doesn't wick away sweat and takes a long time to dry. Instead of the red sweater shirt bring a synthetic running shirt. Don't bring your cotton hoodie, it won't keep you that warm plus it's heavy. Maybe a lightweight down jacket? I see them being sold on "gear sale" (or whatever it's called on here) all the time so you could probably find a good deal. Same thing with your long underwear. If you're just going to be wearing it to bed then I'd get something wool or synthetic. I think it would keep you warmer and would last longer if you had to wear them during the hike. Also, if you're going to be bring gloves, take some that have fingers. I don't know about you but my fingers are the parts of my hands that get the coldest. Think about some liners maybe?

2. Water/Cook Gear. Bring a 1.5L smart water bottle and a lightweight bladder (I have an Evernew) and that will be more that enough. It would also knock about 6oz off your weight. For my shorter trips I've started taking a starbucks coffee cup, the disposable kind, for all my drinks. It's cheap but surprisingly sturdy.

3. Tools. I'd hold off on the ice axe and microspikes until it gets a little closer to when you'll be hiking. You might not need them. Plus, if you don't know how to use an ice axe (just assuming) then it won't do you much good taking it.

4. Lights. Change our your batteries right before you go and don't take any spares. I've been using my headlamp at night in my room to read and it has lasted me for over a month.

5. Fire Kit. I'd just take a mini bic. Way easier to use. I usually take two...put one in my cooking kit and one in my first aid kit in case the first one gets lost.

I didn't see any water purification stuff or bear canister (I just saw that you mentioned this). Think about renting a Bearikade, they're the lightest thing out there right now (?).

Good luck and have fun!!

Eric Lundquist
(cobberman) - F - M

Locale: Northern Colorado
Re: Early Summer High Sierra Pack List on 02/01/2012 10:11:35 MST Print View

Justin ,

Pack: Your current list seems pretty spartan. I would hold off on purchasing a pack until you know the volume of your gear and approximate food. You could get buy with something much lighter here.
Tarp Rope: 4oz?, How long is this rope and how do you intend on using it? Are these the guylines already attached or just a 50' hunk of paracord?

Red Sweater Shirt: 8oz What material is this and when do plan on wearing it?
Cap 3: If you time your hiking properly this may be all that is needed along with your sleeping bag. If you're not hiking you should be sleeping. If you wake up cold around 5am, start hiking again.
Cotton Hoodie: 16oz - I'd advise going to your local thrift stores and searching for a quality second hand fleece. If you're persistent you'll find brand names.
Wool Socks: 3.5oz seems heavy. I carry two pairs of 1oz running style socks. Are yours for sleeping or hiking?
Nalgene Bottle: I second the recommendation of Smartwater bottle, or other sports drink bottle, and/or Platypus (~$18, 5oz saved)

Extra Batteries: You should only need one spare if any. This is June where daylight lasts most, if not all, of your hiking day.

Small First aid kit: If going solo, I wouldn't feel comfortable with a 1oz first aid kit. Others might disagree though.

You didn't list a few things such as:
Sun Hat
Tarp stakes
Water treatment

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Re: Early Summer High Sierra Pack List on 02/01/2012 11:58:58 MST Print View

Great suggestions guys.
I'm really just looking for something that can carry a weeks worth of food comfortably with average lightweight gear, along with some extra snow gear on the back.
The cotton has got to go, at least for the sierras when I am not screwing around with my friends by the fire. I have been looking around for a cheap fleece or puffy to replace it. The sweater shirt is something I picked up at REI a while back, it's just a light synthetic layer. So far I really don't own much "hiking" clothing.
Day hiking would be a merino wool shirt and light mesh shorts. If it got colder my long underwear and another top layer would go on, possibly the dri ducks over if the wind was really nasty. Shoes would be vivobarefoot trails.
The wool socks are so my feet can keep warm when wet, I have learned that a little thicker means more wet warmth. But maybe I can get a way with thinner wool socks. I do walk sockless most of the time anyways (i am a minimalist shoe guy).

You are right about the tarp stakes. Mine have been sitting in the closet for a year now, I have been using sticks but that won't work above the treeline. Water treatment is going to be iodine, possibly a shared filter if I go with friends.

About warmth, will the high sierras be any colder at night in june compared to august? I am paranoid about getting nights in the 20's or less. If it can stay above freezing then I will be fine with just a couple layers.

I will be out for a week, do you think one pair of batteries would last that long?

Water bottles will be replaced quick.

Tarp rope was just a clump of this thin black stuff I got from REI. Wasn't paying attention to how much, so probably went overkill for this list. It would also be hanging rope. Don't plan on taking a canister this trip (with the box at monarchs and trees just past sawtooth, it works out well), but I do have a bear vault solo.

I honestly don't know how to walk up a snowy mountain pass I am not sure how to learn how...

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