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Storing Cuben shelters
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Diane Pinkers
(dipink) - MLife

Locale: Western Washington
Storing Cuben shelters on 01/29/2012 14:05:35 MST Print View

Haven't got much experience with Cuben, except for some stuff sacks. I was wondering if when storing your Cuben shelter, do you fold or stuff? It seems like if you fold, you would get wear lines, and I was wondering if that eventually compromises the strength or waterproofness of the material.


Kurt Suttell
(krshome) - F
re on 02/02/2012 16:31:58 MST Print View

I'm interested in this too, I just ordered a Cuban Fiber tarp from The Hammock Gear, I figured I'd just stuff it in a stuff sack.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Storing Cuben on 02/02/2012 16:37:06 MST Print View

Eric Dysart
(ewdysar) - F

Locale: SoCal
Thanks Dan on 02/08/2012 17:22:23 MST Print View

After reading each of the threads that Dan posted, it is obvious that the preferred method of packing cuben items is to fold and roll, or stuff, or fold flat, or.....

Apparently, the material is durable enough to put up with the simple loads encountered in backpacking. Elixer, the 49' sailboat that I occasionally crew on has a single cuben .75 oz spinnaker (I think that it cost $50k or more), we stuff it for storage. We only use it in winds of less than 10kts, but at more than 2500 sq feet, the loads are still much higher than anything that my tents or packs experience (I would estimate the constant load at each corner of the sail to be more than 1000 lbs, the transient shock loads are much higher).

I think that the bottom line is that you can pack your cuben gear any way that you like. The most likely damages will come from using the items.