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FS: NeoAir Large Torso (34" x 25") - NEW Cuben Drysack - Uberlight Granite Gear - Kookabay 1.3oz Pilow
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Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

FS: NeoAir Large Torso (34" x 25") - NEW Cuben Drysack - Uberlight Granite Gear - Kookabay 1.3oz Pilow on 01/26/2012 15:38:34 MST Print View

Everything is sold.

1) SOLD - NeoAir Large that has been cut to 34.5" x 25".

Weight is 229g / 8.06oz on my scale.

Price: $50 shipped (USA & Canada, inquire if you're outside this)

Payment Method: PayPal personal payment.

Another BPL member cut a NeoAir large into two halves, sealed it and kept the top half of the pad with the original valve. I bought the bottom half of this pad from him, sealed it and glued in a thermarest valve. This pad seems to be rock solid. I've set a heavy toolbox on it overnight and it didn't loose any air by the morning. I've also bubble tested it in water. I'm sure the actual heat sealing of the pad is not going to fail....prior to heat sealing a pad I was little nervous, but when you do this it's obvious the fabric is bonding extremely well and it's basically the same process Thermarest uses at the factory (ie. heat & pressure).

The valve is glued in with contact cement and then covered in Aquaseal to be double sure. Through my testing it's 100% air tight and ready to go. With that said, there's no warranty with this pad, so there's always a small chance you'll need to re-glue the valve a few years down the road.

2) SOLD - Granite Gear 'Uberlight CTF3' (Cuben) Drysack. SOLD

Brand NEW! This is the 7L size, which is good for a light down quilt (ie. 40F rated) or other stuff like down parka's.

3) SOLD - Kookabay Pillow - SOLD
This is the same 1.3oz pillow as shown on their website:

Used but in good shape. SOLD.

NeoAir Torso

NeoAir Torso 2

Valve Glue

ctf3 7L

Kookabay Pillow

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david delabaere

Locale: Northern VA
Weight Drysack on 01/26/2012 15:56:26 MST Print View

Whats the weight of the drysack ?

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Drysack Weight on 01/26/2012 16:59:17 MST Print View

It's 14.6g or 0.51oz on my scale.

Robert Connor
(bplnole) - F

Locale: N E Fl
pillow on 01/26/2012 17:05:37 MST Print View

I'll take the pillow. Pls send paypal info

Karen Kennedy
(karenk) - MLife

Locale: NE NSW - Australian subtropics
NeoAir on 01/27/2012 00:50:56 MST Print View

Interested, PM sent.

Art Tyszka
(arttyszka) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Heatsealing on 01/27/2012 13:36:52 MST Print View

Dan, sorry to go off track, but how did you heat seal the cut edge?


Adam Kramer
(rbeard) - F

Locale: ATL, Southern Appalachia
Re: Heatsealing on 01/27/2012 13:37:56 MST Print View

art, here ya go:

Edited by rbeard on 01/27/2012 13:38:26 MST.

Art Tyszka
(arttyszka) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Cool on 01/27/2012 13:47:18 MST Print View

Very cool, THANKS.

Rob E

Locale: Canada
Cuben dry sack on 01/27/2012 14:20:33 MST Print View

Hey Dan, I will take the dry sack from you, I will contact you with my email address.

Rob E

Locale: Canada
Re: FS: NeoAir Large Torso (34" x 25") - NEW Cuben Drysack - Uberlight Granite Gear - Kookabay 1.3oz Pilow on 01/27/2012 14:21:29 MST Print View

Sorry, double post.

Edited by eatSleepFish on 01/27/2012 14:26:18 MST.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Update on 01/27/2012 16:49:52 MST Print View

Drysack and Pillow are sold. NeoAir Large Torso has one interested party.

Mike Hensel
(mike220) - M

Locale: Northwest
Neoair on 01/27/2012 20:30:52 MST Print View

Pm sent

P. Larson
(reacttocontact) - F
Skis on 01/27/2012 21:46:16 MST Print View

Random question: Are those DPS skis in the background?

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

DPS Skis on 01/27/2012 22:50:56 MST Print View

Yup...they're my wife's new 168cm DPS Yvette 112 (aka Wailer 112) Hybrid's. She's loving them.

Fissile last week:

Edited by dandydan on 01/27/2012 22:53:28 MST.

David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
DPS skis on 01/31/2012 00:37:03 MST Print View

Exellent photo.

That's a good skier there...