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WCT 2012 Tides
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Patrick Kline
(skibrec) - MLife

Locale: East Coast USA
WCT 2012 Tides on 01/24/2012 16:29:42 MST Print View


I am new to the website and found the info very useful and educational. Therefore, I became a Lifetime member.

Anyway, me and some friends are looking at the WCT this summer. We have been trying to tactfully plan our trip to make it around Owen Pt, but we are a little unsure of the Tides. If the map state the it take 1.6 Meters/6ft to get around the Pt., what does that mean exactly. If the tides are 1.7, is that a NoGo for us and if the tides are 1.5, is that a clear Go for us. Also, we were told that the Map tide levels are based off of the Tofino tide charts, but now there are tide charts for both Bamfield and Port Renfrew. Of course, they are all different for the day we are looking to make it around the Pt. Since we are planning to leave from Port Renfrew and planning for a 5 night through hike, we are planning our start day in order to do the Pt. on the first day and camp any Camper Bay the first night. The tides dictate when we plan our permit reservations and travels dates.

Therefore, I am hoping that someone on the site can provide me with a little insight/primer on the tides for the WCT. Are we nuts to be looking at tide charts this far out?

I look forward to any and all advice and criticism.


. ..
Re: WCT 2012 Tides on 01/24/2012 17:20:54 MST Print View

owen pt

This was 2 years ago right at Owen pt. We got a little too impatient with the tides, kicked our shoes off and headed in. At the mandatory orientation before you begin the trail they will give you a current tide chart and a basic rundown of how to read it. Its not something you need to plan your entire trip around, just your hiking for that day. Do however allow yourself plenty of time to check out owen pt, its a highlight of the trip.

owen pt 2