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My Caldera Clone
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Jack Hoster
(OrlandoHanger) - F
My Caldera Cone - Not yours on 02/20/2012 17:58:44 MST Print View

TD made it pretty clear that it's their original design. It also made it through the patent system in their country which still has first to invent laws. It is likely that they are either the first to invent or purchased the idea from someone who did invent it. Only a fool would boast falsely about something like this in this day and age.

Their stove on the other hand is obviously a copy of the Pika Stove from 2003.

Besides, people are missing the point here. It doesn't matter who originally came up with any idea. TD purchased a patent in their country for a cone shaped windscreen. This gives them the legal right to forbid others in their country from making this windscreen. It also apparently elevates their status here and gives them the right to attack other members, condescend and hijack a discussion as demonstrated by this comment:

"> "I built it using Captain Paranoia's fantastic Caldera Clone post script file. He's done an impressive amount of work on his project."

Seriously? Fantastic? Impressive? *HIS* project? Seriously?"

Edited by OrlandoHanger on 03/14/2012 22:26:08 MDT.

al b
(ahbradley) - M
Re: first to file: it should prevent shared published MYOG ideas from being patented by someone else on 02/21/2012 15:32:28 MST Print View

Jack Hoster said
"What will be the next really cool MYOG item to be shared in the forum to become illegal to use later? And with the first to file patent system around the corner, someone with a really cool idea will share it, then have someone else patent it without their knowledge which will make it illegal for the original inventor to even use his own invention. "

But under "first to file" that should count as prior art, thus no one could patent it:

apparently, this can be used by those who can't afford/don't wish to patent or defend a patent: just publish in a (possibly obscure) journal etc, and then no-one else can patent their idea. They can then compete on quality/price/customer service/the kudos of being first etc.


Edited by ahbradley on 02/21/2012 15:34:47 MST.