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UL backpack with large volume
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Christine Thuermer
(chgeth) - F

Locale: Germany
UL backpack with large volume on 01/04/2012 16:31:17 MST Print View

I usually use a GG G4 backpack for long-distance trips and I am very happy with it. But when I tried to pack it for my first long winter camping trip in years I had to realise that it is just too small for my winter gear. Weight is not the issue here as my winter base weight ist only about 1,5 kg higher than my normal 3 season base weight of 6 kg. The problem is volume: My winter sleeping bag alone, a WM Puma, is so bulky that it almost completely fills up the GG G4. Add a thicker sleeping pad and some more winter clothes and the G4 turned out way too small.

Instead I had to use an old Golite Gust that has unfortunately been discontinued. The Golite Gust has a capacity of 4,600 c.i. (75 l) and is just about big enough. As this old Golite Gust is almost falling apart I will soon need a replacement, but all the UL backpacks that come to my mind are far less voluminous than that.

Any suggestions for UL backpacks with a volume of at least 4,600 c.i. or 75 l?


Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
UL backpack with large volume on 01/04/2012 16:40:25 MST Print View

MLD Ark has the volume your looking for;

ULA Catalyst is a 2nd option;

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: UL backpack with large volume on 01/04/2012 16:41:46 MST Print View

Please clarify. The G4 is 4000 c.i. and you want a pack that's only 600 c.i. bigger?

In any case, this might be a good place to use a pack like the ULA Epic that lets you choose how big the pack is.

Christine Thuermer
(chgeth) - F

Locale: Germany
UL backpack with large volume on 01/04/2012 16:58:23 MST Print View

The G4 has only 3,200 c.i. in the main body - the other 800 c.i. come with the mesh pockets. But I cannot store much of my winter stuff in those mesh pockets which renders them almost useless for winter trips. The mesh pockets are too small for any substantial bulky loads and also it is difficult to waterproof stuff stowed in the mesh pockets.
The Gust has all its 4,600 c.i. in the main body because it does not have any mesh pockets at all. Therefore I am really comparing 3,200 c.i. (G4) with 4,600 c.i. (Gust).
Unfortunately the same applies to the suggestions of the MLD Ark and the Catalyst where a lot of the volume is also located in the mesh pockets whereas I need almost all the volume in the main body.
Sorry for the confusion! I hope this clarifies my question.

Christopher Yi
(TRAUMAhead) - F

Locale: Cen Cal
HMG on 01/04/2012 18:02:44 MST Print View

Check out HMG's Expedition pack. 4400 cu/in for 27 oz. IIRC that's not counting the stays though.

Edited by TRAUMAhead on 01/04/2012 18:03:28 MST.

Art Tyszka
(arttyszka) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Have you looked at SMD? on 01/04/2012 20:43:17 MST Print View

Six Moon Designs has some pretty large packs, pretty sure the Swift is only 15oz w/o the stay and a few people have actually found it too large.