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Check out my August 2012 Philmont Gear list.
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Nick Caddenhead
(nickcaddenhead) - F
Check out my August 2012 Philmont Gear list. on 01/02/2012 17:50:47 MST Print View

This is my gear list for a Philmont Trek in August of 2012. I have been backpacking numerous times, and have gradually shaved down weight. I already own most of these items. I understand it is not a complete list, this is due to me not owning a proper scale. Thanks for the critique,
Nick C

list on 01/02/2012 18:51:58 MST Print View

Your gear needs may depend on what the others in your crew are taking. Is that defined yet? Are they all UL ? If not, you may be a bit out of place. Philmont is a crew adventure, not a solo adventure. I have an ohm, but will take my circuit in 2013 and Im worried about it being too small.

You may need a share of "crew gear" which is often ~3 lbs per person too, but you may not have room for the bulk . The food is very bulky. Philmont issued gear is VERY heavy and bulky if your crew takes any.

Most crews cook together, so you dont need a 2.8oz Ti pot to eat out of, all you need is a 0.85 oz plastic bowl, and a 0.15 oz plastic spoon. If coffee is made, a 0.15 oz styrofoam cup with lid is all thats needed too. If you crush it, worst case you dont get coffee.

Everyone doesnt carry a compass, only 2 per crew max are needed.
What is the nalgene for? pee bottle? thats almost half pound.
2 hats?
Dont have real insulation layer for upper body
why not 2 prs socks ?

13oz is a ridiculous wt to carry for what a liner provides, almost as much as the sleeping bag

personal stuff, sunscreen, bug dope, foot kit, duct tape, ?
knife or razor blade?

driducks are 6 oz less than frog toggs

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Nick Caddenhead
(nickcaddenhead) - F
Philmont list modifications on 01/05/2012 17:23:53 MST Print View

I will not be the only one going UL to Philmont in my crew, in fact almost all of our crew is. Our troop has 3 crews going and our crew is filled with the older, more fit guys as we will be either doing a strenuous trek, or a super strenuous trek. We will not be taking any Philmont gear except for probably the bear bag supplies.

The ti Pot was added because, from what the members of our previous crews are saying is that the plastic bowls are not very good for hot meals, and that when cleaned, particles of dirt stick to them. I don't do the whole coffee thing. The compass will be taken off, it was added for the possibility of me being one of the guys that brings the compass. The Nalgene was for drink mix, i may stick to a Gatorade bottle. When you ask about the three pairs of socks are you speaking of the liners? The insulation layer was not added as i have no idea what to bring, any guidance would be much appreciated. The liner will also be off the list. The thought behind 2 hats is that I am incredibly pale, and burn easily so the first hat is for the sun, and the other was for warmth, again guidance would be much appreciated. Personal stuff will be added, foot kit will be added when I figure out weights, sunscreen is still up in the air in regards to what i am bringing SPF wise. I don't do bug spray. My flashlight will be the petzl on the list. Also heard from experience Philmont attendees that only a couple knives are needed per crew.

Again thanks for the reply, and for any future guidance,
Nick C

greg jenkins
(OCPik4chu) - F

Locale: CO, Rockies
suggestions and thoughts on 01/09/2012 11:23:12 MST Print View

In regards to the warmth layer I didnt find myself needing much. Keep in mind I am a cold sleeper but in the times I have gone (June/July both times, 1997 and 2003) All I took were some light long underwear and a light wind breaker jacket/pant set. I only used the long underwear fully I think twice. The top was used often but I rarely used the pants it got cold at night but not 'that' cold. It is New Mexico after all, not Colorado ;)

As for a knife, we were also told that only a few knives were needed but frankly the survivalist in me refused to give up a few things, a knife was one thing and a compass was another (along with a lighter and a cpl other things first aid/water purification wise). I took a small swiss army knife (full size but just the '5in1' type, nothing fancy) But according to the Philmont recommendations you dont need extra knives or compass. The compass I used was a very small key ring size one, weighed as much as my house key if not less so its negligible (and now permanently resides on my ski day pack). I view it as one of those things where the weight of it wasnt so crucial as to what it could do for me if needed so I always kept it. Im sure my pack was heavier than yours will be but back then I was a poor kid and there wasnt much ultralight gear to choose from back then but I still managed. And didnt regret taking anything I did (in fact I do regret NOT taking a camp stool to sit on lol, mainly used my pack as a chair but something else would have been nice).

For water I brought a 2L platy that I set inside my pack with the drink line coming out and one wide mouth Nalgene for drink mixes as well as water puri if needed (iodine tablets, that sort of thing).

As for the foot kit, I know duct tape is heavy compared to other tapes but its very valuable and strong especially for the feet so Id recommended bringing some. More important than that though is making sure you are comfortable in your boots. I never got any blisters but a couple people did for bringing boots that werent well broken in so keep that in mind when making your kit.

For dishware all I had was a poly cast cup (12 or 14oz I cant recall exactly) and then the small spoon from this set, drilled the handle to add a lanyard to both cup and spoon (back before retailers started doing it lol) and thats all I ever needed and Id just hang it outside my pack in the morning to let it dry in the sun after breakfast, simple as that.

Sorry if that was a little long-winded, lol. And Im very jealous, anxiously awaiting the next Philmont my Troop does now that Im back into the ranks (Assis. Scoutmaster, wahoo!)

Edited by OCPik4chu on 01/09/2012 11:24:49 MST.

John Myers
(dallas) - F - MLife

Locale: North Texas
Re: suggestions and thoughts on 01/09/2012 12:58:56 MST Print View

Looking at your sleeping kit, I assume the liner you have listed is a fleece liner or something similar? IMO a 35 degree bag is not warm enough unless you have some really warm sleep clothes, so a liner for that bag would be helpful. If your list is gear you already have it should work, but if you are acquiring gear I'd consider a warmer bag and ditch the liner. You would probably save weight and/or bulk.

As for your warm clothing, a light down or synthetic jacket (or vest) combined with your rain jacket should provide enough evening warmth. Humidity is very low there so several light layers with wind protection works well.

x2 on Dri Ducks over Frogg Toggs. Lighter and less bulky.

Two thoughts on the pack:
1) You need enough space to carry your share of the food and troop gear. That pack looks too small to me, but I don't have one so I don't know for sure.

2) If you have a resupply then a hike to a dry camp you will likely exceed 15 pounds of food and water in your pack. Take that into consideration also. You want a pack that will handle the maximum volume and weight after resupply.

What are the dates of your trek?