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The whiny thread
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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
PIF on 01/03/2012 00:50:44 MST Print View

never heard of it till now ... most interesting ...

Chad Miller

Locale: Duluth, Minnesota
Re: PIF-Free Marmot Helium on 01/03/2012 07:07:06 MST Print View

B.S. Eric

You did it about a month ago to members only.

Edited by chadnsc on 01/03/2012 07:11:30 MST.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: MidAtlantic
Re: Re: PIF-Free Marmot Helium on 01/03/2012 07:51:23 MST Print View

"B.S. Eric"

Ummmm, not really. My guess is that eric is saying he's not heard of the acronym "PIF". There's nothing in his post that mentions PIF, just that he's giving away a shirt. He doesn't even ask that it be 'paid forward.'

Edited by idester on 01/03/2012 08:09:04 MST.

Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: PIF on 01/03/2012 09:51:11 MST Print View

Ummm....why just not PIF without any fan-fare? It is called schlepping unwanted/unneeded gear on someone who might want or need it :-P I do it all the time....didn't know I was "special". I call it garage cleaning personally.

So clue me in, where did the whole PIF thing get going here of recent? I feel lazy, you all need to do my research for me :-D

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Re: PIF on 01/03/2012 10:05:07 MST Print View

First PIF

Here is the one that had a dispute

Chad Miller

Locale: Duluth, Minnesota
Re: Re: Re: PIF-Free Marmot Helium on 01/03/2012 10:17:45 MST Print View

Douglas I have a hard time believing that with the amount of time Eric spends here trolling over post he din't know what PIF is.

Like most of his posts Eric just likes to post in his own 'style' just to be different.

Kat ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: Re: PIF on 01/03/2012 10:46:03 MST Print View

PIF is whatever one wants to make of it. Some people give away a little something they have no use for, others have given away very valuable goods. In my opinion, it is up to the person who gives it away to decide if there is to be any fan-fare.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Re: Re: PIF-Free Marmot Helium on 01/03/2012 11:14:48 MST Print View

chad ... that was not a PIF ... i never asked for any gear to be posted in return

what i DID ask for is for the recipient to use it and post pics should he or she desire of such use

that was simply an xmas gift for a BPL member ... if i knew what was a PIF then, i might have done it as one

i find it quite hilarious personally that some people would complain about how other people are basically giving or exchanging their gear .... likely because they want to get into the action

what i WILL say is that i limited my gift to members simply because i KNEW they had to be a real person, and not a dummy account ... and also because i wanted to support someone who supported the site

give something away and some aint happy ... hmmm

then we have people assuming that just because you post on BPL, you HAVE to know every special acronym ... . lol

you can believe what you want ... and it really doesnt matter to me or anyone else about how youd like to assume someone knows about PIF ;)

perhaps youd like to give away a gift to member (and even non-members) ...

Edited by bearbreeder on 01/03/2012 11:21:37 MST.

Chad Miller

Locale: Duluth, Minnesota
Re: Re: Re: PIF-Free Marmot Helium on 01/03/2012 12:04:07 MST Print View


Oh Eric . . . . not gonna' bight.

I will say this, I have given gifts to members and non members. I just don't advertise about the who and what I've given.

Carry on with your bad self buddy, carry on.


Robert Perkins

Locale: The Sierras
"The whiny thread" on 01/03/2012 12:09:06 MST Print View

Hey I finally figured out what I want to post on the whiny thread: reading Chad and Eric constantly bickering with each other! Life is too short to be looking for each others shortcomings...give it a rest, thanks.

Über, Über-rific,...I am still having fun with this one!!!

Chad Miller

Locale: Duluth, Minnesota
Re: "The whiny thread" on 01/03/2012 13:03:42 MST Print View

Well Robert this is the whiny thread so it makes sense that I'd poke fun of Erik here. :P

Outside this thread though, the wee little man is dead to me and I won't be dignifying his posts with a response, let alone reading them.

Of course now Eric will post up a bunch of stuff to try an get me to reply but alas poor Eric, you're just not creative enough to get me back. :)

Nice use of those Ubers by the way!

Robert Perkins

Locale: The Sierras
The whiny thread on 01/03/2012 14:42:53 MST Print View

Good point Chad! This is THE place to post some pent-up chaff. Now I have to figure out a creative way to use ä, ö, and Ä in a sentence! Kat, you've created a 'monster'!

Edited by rp3957 on 01/03/2012 15:23:14 MST.

Kat ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Umlaut on 01/03/2012 15:11:07 MST Print View

Robert, I had to figure it out; I was born in Pfäffikon ;)

Ken K
(TheFatBoy) - F

Locale: St. Louis
Owning your mistakes. on 01/03/2012 18:14:04 MST Print View

I screwed up. Something rubbed me the wrong way, hit a nerve, and I posted a stupid rant directed toward someone who certainly didn't deserve it. I realized the error of my ways, posted what was really bugging me and why (my own sour grapes), sent a personal apology to the recipient of my rant, and kindly requested that my (admittedly classless) move be the end of it.

I don't know if Thom has accepted my apology, but to his credit, he has let it drop without further stirring of the pot. I got a PM from him, but I'm not sure if it was before or after my apology.

Today I find this thread with half a dozen personal digs. I can only guess what the original post contained. I suppose I deserve that.

I screwed up, and I'll own it. That's why my original rant (and follow-up explanations/apologies) were left unedited. I try to teach my kids and my Scouts integrity... That nobody ever gained by complaining, whining, or feeling sorry for themselves... That "one 'ah crap' kills a thousand 'attaboys'" (to quote Grandpa)... There's my 'ah crap', left for all the world to see and judge. Hopefully I can get back to the 'attaboys'.

To Kat: When I asked that we let that thread get back to "giving great gear to great people", I was specifically thinking of you (and Konrad). Obviously, that post rubbed you the wrong way, and I certainly understand. I still think you're a great person. I hope some day I can get back in your good graces (if I was ever there to begin with). If not, it is probably my loss.

Happy New Year to all,

P.S. I still feel there are plenty of deserving non-members here who have given great amounts of knowledge on these forums (most of us members were "guests" for a while before joining). I hope the PIF threads continue, with or without the conditions. Great gear to great people. I love this site.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Rants... on 01/03/2012 20:50:37 MST Print View

Trail Guides :(
Unleashed dogs on trails :(
Unleashed children on trails :(
Horse Poop on trails :(
Some TSA employees :(
Some DMV employees :(

Whew! I feel better.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: The whiny thread on 01/03/2012 21:25:12 MST Print View

Man blow-downs are a drag.

I want more paid time off. And better working conditions.

Stale bread

More shoe choices in size 15

Why me?

feral cats

bad shrimp

delayed shipping

Kat ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: Owning your mistakes. on 01/03/2012 21:36:23 MST Print View

Ken, I understood your latter post and it did not rub me the wrong way. There were others that were upset about the " unfairness" .
Happy new year :)

a b
The whiny thread on 01/03/2012 21:39:46 MST Print View

1. Customers that call us to do work on their house and we have to move all their personal effects out of the way, and deal with their dogs and cats, before we can get started.
2. Working 50 hours a week, paying rent and bills on time, not having any credit or debt.. but still being broke.
3. Missing my hiker buddies and life on the trail.
Actually, really just #3.

Richard Scruggs
(JRScruggs) - MLife

Locale: Oregon
Re: The whiny thread on 01/04/2012 10:09:11 MST Print View

Skeeter bites, tick bites, snake bites, bear bites, and no fish bites.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: The whiny thread on 01/04/2012 12:37:39 MST Print View

The absence of meaning posts by certain people here.

So many posts on this thread. I do feel better though. Thanks Kat!