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Breakfast quinoa
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Duane Hall
(PKH) - M

Locale: Nova Scotia
Breakfast quinoa on 12/28/2011 07:29:09 MST Print View

If this has been done already - my apologies.

Quinoa is one of my favourite grains, for both nutritional qualities and taste, and texture. My usual technique is to cook the grains in beef or chicken stock, using a considerable variety of savoury seasonings. The cooked quinoa dehydrates quickly, and most importantly, comes back to life in the field in next to no time.

Recently I had the notion of cooking quinoa in fruit juice, to get a sweeter, more breakfasty sort of meal, and I have to say, it worked like a charm. The reconstituted quinoa is completely infused with the fruit juice flavour, and it makes a really nice, easy to prepare hot meal in the morning.

Adam Wallace
(A.Wallace) - F

Locale: somewhere
fruit juice flavored on 12/28/2011 07:42:30 MST Print View

That sounds like a nice option, I must try it. I have a friend that does the same thing with couscous, she uses True Lemon for flavoring and it's a wonderful zingy flavor in the morning, she also adds walnuts and craisins.

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Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: Breakfast quinoa on 12/28/2011 11:11:58 MST Print View

Pretty much any breakfast rice or couscous dish can be made with quinoa! So you do have lots of options......

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Breakfast quinoa on 12/28/2011 14:44:38 MST Print View

Strange. I was just having a dream about this last night. I can always tell when I need to end my winter hibernation season... when I start dreaming about backpacking food.

I cook the quinoa, then dehydrate it. That gives me a bagful of little brown nuggets that are simple to rehydrate (hot or cold). Sometimes I eat them straight.

The fruit-flavored quinoa works good, even for throwing into a regular hot stew with vegetables.


Reggie Garrett
(regarrett) - M

Locale: Lost in the mountains
RE: Breakfast Quinoa on 01/03/2012 20:04:05 MST Print View

Now this sounds delightfully wonderful. I cook most of my own food then dehydrate. I must try this!

j lan
(justaddfuel) - F

Locale: MN
Re: RE: Breakfast Quinoa on 01/04/2012 03:23:19 MST Print View

Mmmmm, my yoga friend served this to me the other day with cashews, golden raisins and a touch of soy milk. It was mind altering!

Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
instant on 01/04/2012 06:55:04 MST Print View

I too, like to cook and dehydrate the quinoa. I also like to use quinoa flakes which are practically instant. You can also dehydrate it after cooking in almond milk and that is a wonderful way to have it. I love mine with blueberries and hazelnuts.

Edited by Laurie_Ann on 01/04/2012 06:55:49 MST.