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Energy Tea
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Douglas Hus
(Hustler) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
Energy Tea on 01/15/2007 14:45:40 MST Print View

Anyone try "energy teas" on the trail?

-Sportea ( )
-Yerba Mate ( )



James Pitts
(jjpitts) - F

Locale: Midwest US
Re: Energy Tea on 01/15/2007 16:26:22 MST Print View

I like teas that have caffeine in them. I have never had Sportea but I have had Yerba Mate. I don't care for the taste and it isn't that caffeinated. I didn't get any "pick me up" from it. My wife loves the stuff, however, so it's worth a try if you want something different. You can find Mate all over the place. I don't know where my wife gets hers but it comes vacuum sealed in packages like coffee in the grocery store would be packed in. She has a special straw she drinks it with that has a strainer built into it. I think the gear is a big part of the ritual...

b d
(bdavis) - F

Locale: Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Re: Re: Energy Tea on 01/15/2007 17:31:51 MST Print View

The yerbe mate that you get should be ordered from someone who states it is the "energy" type from south america. There are some that don't produce much kick, others have had me crawling on the cieling. bd

James Pitts
(jjpitts) - F

Locale: Midwest US
Re: Re: Re: Energy Tea on 01/15/2007 20:00:35 MST Print View

Where do you get the good stuff, b d?

(RavenUL) - F
Re: Re: Re: Re: Energy Tea on 01/16/2007 16:21:08 MST Print View

I like sportea. It is one of my favorite teas, regardless of where Im at. I dont feel any sort of kick from it at all, and wouldnt call it an "energy" anything... but of course, YMMV. I just like the taste.

Never had Yerba Mate. It is not a "tea" in the proper sense. Its a totally different plant, related to the Holly. The stimulants in it are similar to those found in coffee, but not exactly the same. Anecdotally, it creates a heightened state of wakefulness, without the negative effects of caffiene i.e, jitters, rapid heartbeat, etc. If your yerba mate is causing these effects, you might look into whether or not it has been "spiked" with caffine or other stimulants in order to heighten its "energy" claims.

Seth Anderson
(sand86) - F
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Energy Tea on 04/18/2007 14:18:11 MDT Print View

Ahh something I can comment on. Yerba Mate will definitely boost your energy. I drink it the traditional way from a gourd but you can get it in a teabag as well.

The effects of yerba are as follows: Increased energy (usually without jitters), increased awareness, decreased hunger, I usually do not have a problem falling asleep afterwards (although I have occasionally found my self awake at 3 in the morning because I lose track of time)

Yerba is generally considered less harsh on your body then coffee. My father has a caffeine intolerance but is fine with drinking Yerba Mate daily.

Yerba is chock full of vitamins and minerals as well. It is not just a caffeine based stimulant.

It can be an acquired taste. However I now like my yerba about as strong as possible. My favorite brand is Canarias which is known to be quite strong.