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Ikea Stove need windscreen?
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Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Ikea Stove need windscreen? on 12/03/2011 18:09:08 MST Print View

I've read most of the major threads on the Ikea Stoves. I'm wondering how they do in high wind with so many holes in the sides? Do users end up carrying a windscreen? Thx.

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
yes on 12/04/2011 10:55:10 MST Print View

Carry a windscreen for sure.
Not only for your efficiency, but also because if a big gust hits that stove you can have big flames shoot out sideways. Using whatever you have with you helps..i.e. pack, ridgerest (not too close), your own body, but youll need at least a wind block to go with it or it can double your boil time. The ikea is tall enough to accommodate a rolled up alum. or ti screen.
Here is my years old windscreen. It weighs about half an ounce and will work any stove that has holes or a lip to hang it on.
Disregard the wire holding up the alcohol stove. I was playing with some ti welding wire. It is bent in two in the picture but pops out straight when you pull it out.
I used the bottom of a roasting pan and a couple of tent stakes as a windscreen for years.

ti wind screen

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Dave Heiss

Locale: Pacific Northwest
A windscreen helps on 12/04/2011 20:23:47 MST Print View

Yes, I carry a simple windscreen made out of some aluminum foil. It has come in handy for times when the cooking area I have to use is exposed to more than a light breeze. I roll it up and store it inside the MSR kettle.

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Re: yes on 12/04/2011 20:45:22 MST Print View

So anything w/ a decent amount of holes drilled into it for air flow needs a wind screen (such as the Littlbug Junior, Emberlit, Bush Buddy, etc.)

I am thinking the Vargo Wood Stove wouldn't need one though, as it only has holes on the underside, no? At 4.1oz, and no windscreen there, it's pretty darn light.

Even if I make an ikea stove for 3oz (so I've seen on the forum), then I prob have to add a windscreen in there for an ounce or two?

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brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
windscreen on 12/04/2011 21:16:00 MST Print View

I havent tried the Vargo stove, but I like the folding flat for sure.
I have tried the Emberlit and about all of the others.
The gap between the top of the stove and the pot is where most of the protection is needed. Some stoves have a larger, less impeded gap than others. This distance affects how the stove burns.
Those stoves having a single row of holes at the top and bottom are not significantly effected by wind if that important gap is protected or reduced. The bushbuddy has a potstand that also does ok at blocking some wind.
I like for the flame to really have room to draft so I usually make my stoves with a gap of 1.25 inches
Let us know which one you get and how well it performs.

Check out my video on the "Gear" thread named "Burning Man" where Im testing my new lighter windscreen.