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New England-area GTG #2: Winter Wonderland
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Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
New England-area GTG #2: Winter Wonderland on 11/17/2011 10:01:25 MST Print View

Another call out to all the New England-ish area folks for a second GTG!

I've spoken with a few of those that made it to the first GTG and there is both interest in having a second GTG and having a "deep winter" hike where the winter veterans can share their knowledge and skills with the rest of us.

I (we) am(are) proposing an initial hike where us newbies can get our winter-overnight feet "wet" (cold? ehh, my analogies fail me...) on a hike where the overnight temperatures will not drop too cold.

I think the holidays are a tough time so perhaps we can find a date in January, and a location, where we can put together an overnighter + a decent mileage hike (say 15miles?).

Enter yourself on the BPL member map, it's a useful tool for members and for us to figure out a good spot: Member Map
1) zoom in to your general location
2) click edit in the left hand column, three new buttons will appear on the map, one is the google maps "dropper"
3) drag the dropper to a location reasonably close to where you live.
4) fill out the form with your name/BPL name and any other info you would like to include (link to forum profile, etc).

Bryce has set up a survey to try and find a date that is most agreeable to the majority of us,
For Dates, shelter preferences and mileage...

- UPDATE 2011Dec19 -
for some reason the "Watch This Thread" wasn't sending me emails, but I'm back to writeup the latest:
Weekend of 13Jan2011 - 15Jan2011
Glastenberry Mountain, VT

The south trail head is about 5 miles east of Bennington on rt. 9 on the North side of the highway.

From a topo map and trip reports it is a long mellow hike. apx 10 miles one way to the summit. It also crosses little pond mountain summit (3331') about 6.5 miles one way. The trail to the summit is the long trail/AT so it should be easy to find out way, however I do think this will be a winter hike that will require lots of trail braking because of its remote location.

Start elevation is around 1400', a quick steep climb to 2000' and then a easy mile to the shelter at around 2400' little pond mountains summit is 3331', the trial drops to a col at about 2900' and then a climb back up to 3748' for Glastenbury mountain summit.

I think this will be a LONG easy hike which will make it a bit harder in the low light of winter. Headlamps will be used to hike on this mountain.

It also looks like there might not be any views from the summit because they closed the fire tower down a few years ago. - Jeremy Osburn

From Walter Carrington:
Glastenbury mt. section of 100 classic hikes in New England on google books

A neat map link, shows AT overlaid on Google maps, click on trail segment box under the map

From Bryce:
Plan for 0F nights, average lows for nearby Shaftsbury in January

More Weather links:
Point Forecast
NOAA snow conditions
Prospect Mountain Ski Conditions
Stratton snow report
Mount Snow snow report

Friday night is a 2mi hike in to Melville-Nauheim Shelter
Saturday is an 8 mile hike to the Goddard Shelter
Sunday is a 10mi hike out to the trailhead

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Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
After the holidays for sure... on 11/17/2011 10:16:25 MST Print View

....I'm in.

I'm more than happy to setup a poll and SPAM BPL members on the BPL Member Map. :p

Don't have any current spots in mind, but perhaps somewhere around the 15F mark during January would be a decent place to start.

Ryan Linn

Locale: Maine!
Re: After the holidays for sure... on 11/18/2011 04:49:39 MST Print View

Absolutely! I'm going to be out of commission until mid-January at least, but I definitely want to get into some more winter backpacking. Easing into it is the right idea.

I don't know how winter is in the Berkshires, but western Mass does seem like a good place for us all to meet. If we can get more than one trip this winter, easing into the winter backpacking could well go like... Western Mass, then Southern Vermont, then the Whites, and... if we're really crazy and like long drives, northern Maine. Oh yeah!

I can't speak for everyone in this regard, but I don't have a full winter gear set-up. I'm working on building one, but would anybody be interested in group cooking, camping at a lean-to, or other such sharing of group equipment?

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Re: Re: After the holidays for sure... on 11/18/2011 07:11:39 MST Print View

Steve brought up sharing equipment, and that'd definitely be a decent idea. Heck, even the cabin on our last trip would work, but I bet everyone wants to try something different. The AT that runs through there might have decent shelters?

You sell your sleeping bag? ;p

Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
shared gear on 11/18/2011 08:18:29 MST Print View

Indeed, I think sharing gear where possible is important for the new guys, since winter gear is expensive and what to buy is also a concern.

I know places like REI rent gear and that may be the way to go. Rent a 4 person 4 season tent as a group (or, for instance, I have my Nemo Losi 3p which can sleep 4 though isn't storm "proof" so would work well for a calmer weather weekend), etc. It's something I'm hoping the experienced folk can help with, what can/should we share, what can be rented, etc.

Clint Hewitt
(WalkSoftly33) - F

Locale: New England
Sweet! on 11/18/2011 10:53:15 MST Print View

I am in for a winter excursion.

Im a newbie as well, I have only one winter overnighter to my name, near sages ravine in wmass. Post holed the entire trip, I recommend slowshoes if there is any decent amount of snow.

That cabin looks pretty inviting with its wood burning stove and four walls! A lean to would be colder the wind would come right in and also the convection underneath would steal alot of our warmth. A tarp could be put across the front to mitigate it some.

Im up for sharing gear as well.

I do not have much winter gear. But I do have a -15* cabellas synthetic rectangular sleeping bag... it only weighs 7lbs! Maybe some MYOG is in order to tapper it and cut some weight.

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Re: Sweet! on 11/18/2011 11:14:10 MST Print View

I'd be up for that cabin, if everyone didn't mind similar scenery. Of course any other cabin would be fine. This way people could sleep outside and try shelters and if that doesn't work, grab a bunk in the cabin.

Is 5 lbs 15oz 1light for a 3 person shelter? I have no idea.

That shelter would hold up fine to all but a 100 year storm.

@Clint - da_n you and your MYOG skills! :p

Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
losi 3p on 11/18/2011 13:56:46 MST Print View

I've slept 4 people in that tent a few times. you just can't be too tall... it's cozy, but that may be an advantage in winter?

Ryan Linn

Locale: Maine!
Re: Sweet! on 11/18/2011 16:17:10 MST Print View

Hmm. Yeah, I had thought of staying in lean-tos, but Clint you're right that it could get drafty under them. I wonder if that cabin on Alander is a popular place... we wouldn't want to show up needing it and find that there are a lot of people already there.

As for group gear, all I've got for extra stuff is a pair of Lightning Ascent snowshoes and I might have a Whisperlite. I haven't used the latter in five years, but it should still work.

Bryce... yes. That's a long story, though :)

Steven Adeff
(TinCanFury) - F

Locale: Boston
long story on 11/18/2011 18:11:46 MST Print View

we'll have something to talk about as we all freeze our bums off!

Barry Starrfield

Locale: New England
Just moved here - need to get out! on 11/20/2011 12:37:32 MST Print View

I just moved to Cambridge last summer. I'm fairly well equipped for winter - I've got a Bibler Bombshelter, MSR XGK, etc. that I'd be glad to share.
- Barry

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
BPL Member Map on 11/21/2011 08:25:21 MST Print View

Steve, could you drop a reminder to fill out the Member map in your first post? It may help in deciding on a location, though we were happy with the general area for the last meetup.


Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
Re: New England-area GTG #2: Winter Wonderland on 11/21/2011 08:44:29 MST Print View

I'm not a New Englander .... but I can emphatically concur that winter sleeping in a 3 sided shelter or on any sort of raised platform will be colder (bleeping colder!) than on the snow.

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Survey Link on 11/21/2011 08:49:17 MST Print View

For Dates, shelter preferences and mileage...



Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Not as hardcore as this... on 11/21/2011 19:59:51 MST Print View

Phil is a machine. I'm more thinking of something with a low between 0-15F and not necessarily peak bagging a 6K foot summit. :p Perhaps some snowshoeing (I have an extra set, but for a lighter guy. I bought them first, and then were undersized for my 195# self) and bring some microspikes.

Is that what other had in mind?

Ryan Linn

Locale: Maine!
Re: Not as hardcore as this... on 11/22/2011 08:28:27 MST Print View

Heck yeah. Western Mass and Southern Vermont are great in this regard-- no alpine stuff, so snowshoes should be enough without any need for crampons and self-arrest training.

As for temps, we'll plan the date and play it by ear from there. It's entirely possible it will get colder, but we'll discuss that when the time comes.

Clint Hewitt
(WalkSoftly33) - F

Locale: New England
Winter Trip on 11/22/2011 10:09:14 MST Print View

Any time after the first of the year is good for me. Western MA or Southern Vt sound like good spots. I would love to work up the knowledge, skill, gear and courage to attempt something in the Whites at some point as well.

Gobble Gobble

Seth Reichman
New England-area GTG #2: Winter Wonderland on 11/22/2011 10:13:13 MST Print View

I won't be able to make it until after the 18th, but definitely interested.

Peter Rodrigues
(prodrigues) - F

Locale: New York
BPL New England GTG on 11/22/2011 10:47:06 MST Print View

First off Bryce thanks for the invite!

I don't have a lot of experience (winter or otherwise) but would love to come along. Unfortunately, January is the crazy time (birthdays, baby shower, baby due) so I'll have to be a late addition, if at all. It makes more sense that I'll have to wait for the next one. If you all aren't too far from the lower hudson valley, I'll join for a day with some scrumptious treats.


Curtis B.
(rutilate) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
I'd be interested on 11/22/2011 10:56:36 MST Print View

I'd be interested. I have a North Face VE25 tent that supposedly sleeps four, but weighs 9 lbs. I might have another couple of pair of snowshoes if people need them, as well as an XGK stove, extra XL down coats, etc. Too much gear that I've never gotten around to selling might just come in handy!

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