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Sewing machine advice -Necchi
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Jeffrey McConnell
Sewing machine advice -Necchi on 11/12/2011 14:21:40 MST Print View

I'm looking to pick up a machine and take sewing lessons. Originally I was focusing on finding a Singer 401a or 500a, but haven't found a great deal yet. I recently stumbled upon a Necchi BU Mira. Anyone have experience with this machine? I haven't found a lot of info about it through searching. I think I remember Necchi being a reputable brand. The machine comes with a cabinet, year warranty, and has been serviced for $175. That seem like a decent deal?

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Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Sewing machine advice -Necchi on 11/13/2011 20:39:46 MST Print View

Good strong machines. I have two BU Novas. Almost identical machines. Make sure the wiring is in good condition. Oil machine regularly and keep it clean and it will outlive your grandchildren. I Paid $40 for my first one and $100 for the second one with a cabinet and all accessories and manuals. If the Japan finish is in good shape(no chips) it could be worth the $175. Unfortunately Ebay has done a huge disservice to the used sewing machine market by always trying to push Necchis as a industrial strength machine to jack up the prices. It is a well built home machine.

Javan Dempsey

Locale: The-Stateless-Society
Re: Re: Sewing machine advice -Necchi on 11/15/2011 15:29:59 MST Print View

Yeah, same opinion here, and I totally agree with Ken about the ebay situation.

No machine that was sold as a home machine is the same as an industrial. My Necchi BU is mounted to an industrial table/motor, and yes that wasn't totally uncommon with the old all-metal machines, since they could stand up to the abuse to some degree, but they weren't built for the same purposes that a real industrial is these days.

Even calling the Singer 20U's industrials is a stretch. They're a *heavy duty* multi-purpose machine.

Josh Panelle
(JPanelle11) - F
Best starter on 11/30/2011 22:59:55 MST Print View

Not to high-jack Jeff but what would be the best machine to start off with. Like Jeff I have no experience with one and am looking to start making my own gear. Thanks guys!