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Laminating Nylon to Nanoseeum mesh to make a pullout?? Need advice
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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Laminating Nylon to Nanoseeum mesh to make a pullout?? Need advice on 10/31/2011 18:07:15 MDT Print View

Hi, I am repairing a net tent that had some pull outs ripped out. I want to patch the ripped netting with a MYOG reinforced pullout. Ideally, the pullout will look similar to the type of pullouts you see on the side of MLD duomids. Please see the picture below to understand what I'm getting at.

mld pullout

My question is, what kind of fabric would work best for this circular style pullout? I'm thinking something along the lines of 210d nylon, or maybe even cuben fiber.

Unfortunately, I don't have hysol, or access to a hysol dispensing gun, and don't want to drop the $ for such a simple repair. Do you think seamgrip would provide a strong enough bond to laminate the nylon or cubic fiber to each other (with nanoseemesh partially sandwiched between the 2 circular pieces of fabric?

Thanks dudes and gals!

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Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
Konrad, on 10/31/2011 18:30:42 MDT Print View

The pullouts probably ripped out because whatever reinforcement patches there were, were too small to spread the force over a large enough area. Ideally, the manufacturer would have strategically run a seam in the netting through that location.

So it is a matter of sewing on larger reinforcement patches, with stiches at both the outer edges and further toward the center of the patch. Circular patches look nice, but for me, I would just sew on a hemmed rectangular patch with the conventional box and cross-bar X stitch, because I am lazy.

Know nothing about bonding netting. The ordinary urethane glues, like Elmer's are pretty good for many materials, even though not Hysol. Because ordinary urethane glues foam and bubble when drying, am planning to test some GE silicone glue on cuben, but haven't got to it yet. Wouldn't do anything without testing first for strength of the bond with some scrap materials. A stiff and inflexible bond will limit the ability of the patch to distribute force, which is not what you want.

Don't think you need 210 D patches. Anything way stronger than the netting is overkill.

Won't try to add to the already excellent contributions on this site about bonding and sewing cuban reinforcement patches.

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Re: on 10/31/2011 20:37:05 MDT Print View

I personally would just sew it, but if you don't have access to a machine or know how to sew, just try some of the GE silicon glue mentioned above. While I have never tested it on netting, it would be worth a shot at only like $3 a tube.

Anne Walker
(JonnyWalker) - F
Sandwich on 10/31/2011 20:58:37 MDT Print View

Wouldn't it be easy to glue a pullout to mesh by simply sandwiching it between two layers of glueable material?

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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Thanks for the tips! on 10/31/2011 21:16:55 MDT Print View

Thanks for the insights everyone. Good to know a square and X stitching should suffice.

Anne, that's similar to my original intent. I was hoping to stitch (as opposed to gluing b/c I think stitching ensures strength) the tieout loop to the outside of the circular piece of fabric, and gluing that circular fabric to another circular piece, with the torn netting sandwiched between the fabric circles. I figured the circle would distribute the force across a greater surface area. If I were to simply sandwich the tieout in between 2 pieces of fabric, and just glue it all together, I worry the "sandwich" won't hold--room for error with so many pieces relying on glue to hold it all together, and not as easy to maintain the surfaces together during the adhesion process with the tie out loop bulging between/under the fabric pieces. Maybe I'm just paranoid :D

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