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MYOG <2lb Electric Bear Fence
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Jon Fong
(jonfong) - F

Re: Update on 04/01/2013 14:38:26 MDT Print View

Just a thought here, but if you design the electric fence to surround just your food - doesn't that make ith implimentation a lot easier and potentially a lot lighter? It would basically be an electric bear cannister. My 2 cents

Bradley Danyluk
(dasbin) - MLife
Food vs people on 04/01/2013 21:05:00 MDT Print View

Yeah... before anyone gets too excited, this isn't for my food (I will continue PCT hanging well away from camp) but for my campsite.
I know the actual odds of a random attack on an immaculately-kept campsite are almost vanishingly low, but it does happen from time to time, and the basic purpose is to quench my otherwise-unshakable paranoia and just allow me to sleep without a care. Particularly when alone in potential grizzly habitat.

I have had a bear spend way too long circling and sniffing the perimeter of my tent in the middle of the night (read: poking his nose into the fabric inches from my face), and that is not a fun experience. I was younger then and didn't respond appropriately at all (I froze up and didn't make a sound for hours, instead of getting up and scaring him off), but even now, I'm pretty sure that I don't want to even have to make the decision to get up (or not) and open the tent door into the face of a bear at 1AM ever again.

Back to the food ideas. While this sounds like it might be good and effective in one-off scenarios, I wouldn't want to see it becoming common to replace other food storage techniques with small electric fencing. In habituated areas, I imagine the bears will fairly quickly learn that the fencing can be compromised by digging, or knocking down posts, or charging, etc. A setup this light is really quite ineffective against a determined and smart bear over a long period of time.

In my case, the intention is different: a deterrent for over-curiosity from a bear with no specific intent.

Edited by dasbin on 04/01/2013 21:15:47 MDT.

John Canfield
(jcanfield) - F

Locale: Cascadia
be bear (fence) aware on 04/10/2013 20:45:09 MDT Print View

Having spent a lot of time around portable bear fences, I assure you they are not dangerous. The idea behind them is that an animal (which doesn't wear shoes) will ground the full ~.15 joule output typically through their nose, which certainly doesn't take much imagination to understand would hurt a bit.

Bears do not rationalize electrical shock, as you might suspect, and fight or flight enters into the equation. Flight.

I have been shocked through my hand, through my hand when wet, through my hand when wet not wearing shoes, holding hands with another person, holding hands with 15 people and through my hand with my feet far apart- sans shoes (hurts the most).

I do not fully understand the rational behind this, but rest assured a good bit of D-cell juice has entered my hand. If it were dangerous, I would have only done it once.


THAT would be stupid!