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Shenandoah NP Loop trip from Brown Gap
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Peter Cruikshank
(pmcpmc01) - MLife

Locale: Westchester
Shenandoah NP Loop trip from Brown Gap on 10/22/2011 13:57:03 MDT Print View

SNP trip

Shenandoah National Park Trip Report May 22-25, 2011

I selected this 37 mile loop trip starting at the Brown Gap parking so I would end the trip hiking past Doyle Run Falls late on my third day and Jones Run falls on my way out on Day 4. The loop took me over the following peaks: Trayfoot, Furnace, Austin, Lewis, Rockytop, Brown, Rocky, and Loft. The mountain laurels were in full bloom and I saw at least hundred different varieties of wildflower.

There is a link to a 10 minute long video of my trip on YouTube at the end of this report.

Swift Run Gap Entrance sign

I arrived at the ranger station at the entrance around 1 p.m. After filling out the permit form, I handed it back to the ranger to get signed. She scanned it quickly and said I had done a good job filling it out. She asked me 3 questions: 1) did I have a map of where I was going? 2) did I have something to bury my waste? 3) did I have water? I guess I was qualified to spend 4 days backpacking in the park based on my answers to her questions because she signed the form.

Here’s a map of my route – the 1C, 2C, and 3C mini-Post-it notes mark my planned camping sites for each night.

Here’s a 4 x 6 index card showing the trails I would be hiking on and mileage between each major intersection

Brown Gap sign at my starting point

The trail intersections were marked with these concrete posts with trail information and mileage on all four sides.

Mountain Laurel lining both sides of the trail.

Talus field on the northern side of Trayfoot Mountain

View of Austin Mountain from Furnace Mountain

View the next morning looking back at Furnace Mountain from the side of Austin Mountain

I had to cross Big Run multiple times. I made the mistake of crossing once across through the brown muck. I had to take off my shoes and socks and thoroughly rinse them out before I could continue hiking. After that crossing, I stayed on the gravel and rocks.

The mosquitoes along Big Run were absolutely ferocious. They flew under my eyeglasses and tried to bite me on upper part of cheeks where there was no DEET. One successfully bit me on the palm of my hand while I was eating dinner. They literally swarmed on backpack when I took it off. Later in the trip I encountered some small biting small flies.

Big Run

View of the Shenandoah Valley from Lewis Peak on the western edge of the park

View of Skyline Drive while climbing Loft Mountain

Doyles Run Fall

Doyles Run and Jones Run converge

My tent at the campsite across the junction of Doyles Run and Jones Run. Notice the trunk of the downed tree that definitely would have been a widow maker if it had fallen on a tent at this site.

A swimming hole hiking up Jones Run before the falls.

Jones Run falls

There seemed like literally hundreds of species of wildflowers blooming alongside the trail. Two samples below:


I really like to take photos of fungi. They don’t move like animals and insects and rarely sway in the wind like flowers.


A massive, hollow tree that fell across the trail up Jones Run


A huge tree – somehow, the settlers/loggers axes must have missed this one.

I thought these arrow-straight trees would make terrific sailing masts in the days of wooden sailing ships.

A spring someone had carefully walled up around a metal pipe to provide a good clean flow into your water bottles.

Trip wildlife: a small, thin, bright green snack; a well-fed woodchuck crossed trail on way to its den inside pile of rocks; a ring-necked pheasant, many turkey vultures; Rufous Sided Towhees; orange spotted salamanders; about 12 ticks (2 had started to bite, but were easily removed); many centipedes; a whippoorwill (who started calling loudly at 5:30 am in the morning); and one fat toad. No bears.

Trail wildlife – salamander, centipedes, butterfly



I immediately thought "Lord of the Rings" when I saw this tree

Traffic jam leaving the park held up by the paving crews.

Link to ~10 minute YouTube video of my trip with videos of the falls; dozens more views; my workout on the trail and dozens and dozens of wildflower photos

SNP Trip YouTube Video (~10 minutes long)

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Evan Parker
(ecp12) - F

Locale: Upstate NY
Shenandoah on 10/23/2011 18:05:49 MDT Print View

Nice trip report! I loved the photo of Treebeard from Lord of the Rings. I went to Shenandoah a couple weeks myself and it was nice to be in the woods. If I ever get back to Shenandoah (I'm only in the DC area for 6 months) I will be sure to check out this loop.

Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Great report on 10/23/2011 21:01:59 MDT Print View

Peter, nice report. Neat to see your interests in all that surrounded you. Looks like you had a great time despite the mosquitos.