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Cookpot Toilet
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Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Cookpot Toilet on 12/30/2006 12:51:35 MST Print View

I just had to share...

"Mike had brought along a multipurpose insulated aluminum pot that could be used both as a cooking pan and a toilet, a system he had previously used in the Arctic. He'd line it with a plastic bag, sit on it, do what he needed to do, take the bag out, the contents would freeze, he'd empty them out, and the bag would be completely dry; he thought it was brilliant."
(From Jan. 2007 National Geographic- Arctic Dreams & Nightmares by Marguerite Del Giudice)

Hey man, can I borrow your cookpot for a second?

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Cookpot Toilet on 12/30/2006 16:54:49 MST Print View

Wherever Mike empties out his contents, can't he just deposit them there to begin with?? :)

Edited by ben2world on 12/30/2006 17:06:25 MST.

Thomas Knighton
(Tomcat1066) - F

Locale: Southwest GA
Huh on 12/30/2006 20:32:13 MST Print View

Someone once told me to never poo-p (filters won't let me say it without the hyphen) where you eat. I always thought it was a metaphor.


ian wright
(ianwright) - F

Locale: Photo - Mt Everest - 1980
cooking poo-t on 12/31/2006 02:44:58 MST Print View

Stuck inside a tent with evil weather outside
and you just HAVE to go . . . I'd do it !

Then I'd clean the gunk from under my toe nails
with my toothbrush !

Reginald Donaldson
(worth) - MLife

Locale: Wind River Range
I guess I had not reached rock bottom yet. on 01/07/2007 20:37:08 MST Print View

And I thought I had hit an all time low when I was forced to use my Crocs as a urinate bottle.