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Ultra Magnus
(Ultra_Magnus) - F
Tyvek Source on 10/10/2011 15:11:27 MDT Print View


Just thought I'd pass that along. Looks as if it's plain white w/o any logos printed all over it, though I can't tell what "grade" of tyvek it is...


Brad Walker

Locale: SoCal
Type 10G on 10/10/2011 16:00:55 MDT Print View

If you click on a part number then "Additional Info" it says Tyvek type 10G

According to http://apps.webcreate.com/ecom/catalog/product_specific.cfm?ClientID=15&ProductID=25809

"Grade 10G (Formerly known as Grade 1020) This smooth form is what most people recognize as Tyvek. It has a smooth, stiff non-directional paper-like substrate, and can be used for printing, painting, making envelopes, and many other uses.
Basis Weight 2.0-2.2 oz/yd2
Thickness 7.3-7.6 mils
+/-3 Sigma Range 4.2-10.8
Strip Tensile (MD) 37-44 lbs/in
Strip Tensile (CD) 41-49 lbs/in
Tear Elmendorf (MD) & (CD) 0.8-1.1 lbs"

If you look up Tyvek 1020 it looks like it's a burlier version of homewrap (hard-structure)

David Miles
(davidmiles) - F

Locale: Eastern Sierra
Re: Tyvek on 10/12/2011 12:55:41 MDT Print View

This is about twice the price of HomeWrap though.