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Cuben Fiber Drybags 10% OFF
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Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Cuben Fiber Drybags 10% OFF on 10/10/2011 12:08:14 MDT Print View

10% Coupon Code for Cuben Fiber Drybags. Use the coupon code: Drybags

Starts today and ends Sunday Oct 16th.

For more details please check out my website.


Lawson Equipment Drybags

Mark Mathis
(78Staff) - F

Locale: NE Florida
enevlope style vs round bottom sacks on 10/10/2011 20:56:34 MDT Print View

Hi Lawson,
How do these envelope style bags work vs the typical round bottom style that you see from most "traditional" retailers, ie Granite Gear, OR, Sea2Summit, etc?

I may be completely off base, but it seems like the envelope style would not fill up space as cleanly as a typical round bottom? Seems like there would always be a bit of a "pointed end" effect? And how does the volume compare - ie would a 12x24 flat vs round - I assume the flat will have loss volume?

Was looking at the ditty kit just have never used the flat style before...and so, not having tried this style, I may be completely wrong - can anyone post a pic of a stuffed envelope style dry bag? What size is comparable to say a 15L or 20L round drysack?


Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

Envelope Style on 10/11/2011 13:39:57 MDT Print View

Hi Mark,

I personally think the envelope shape is better then the more traditional round bottom drybag for filling a backpack. In my experience the traditional round bottom drybags/stuff sacks take alot of radius space up when you use multiple bags. The envelope bottom bags still goes round when stuffed but in my opinion they can conform to more pack shapes since can be stuffed so they are flatter and more stack able. This is especially true with the pack liner sizes where they conform to almost every backpack made using only a few sizes. So with all that said, I wouldn't say the envelope shape is "better" its just different. Some people like the shape while I am sure some don't though I have never had a return because of that.. I have sold alot of bags over the last year and a half so I hope someone that's not biased like me will chime in and give you a more "objective" opinion. Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks for considering my products.

Best Regards,

Greg Yurkovich
(Chubbs4U) - F
recently ordered the ditty... on 10/11/2011 20:21:15 MDT Print View

before the sale occurred and I am very happy with it.

Tim Haynes

Locale: Mid Atlantic
Cuben Fiber Drybags 10% OFF on 10/13/2011 13:00:45 MDT Print View

How would one of these work as a bearbag? Is it strong enough at the top to easily attach some sort of loop/cord if filled with food? I haven't used anything cuben fiber before and know there is a lot of variance in strength based on thickness of the cuben. Wasn't sure if these were just intended for stuffsacks or could be hung, but I was eying them recently on your site.

As an aside, I recently placed my first order from Lawson; got the shipment this morning, and everything looks great. Very pleased so far. Also, the best price anywhere on Titanium tent stakes; free shipping on pretty much all purchases; highly recommended.


Roger Munsey
(8100LT) - MLife

Locale: Cincinnati, Ohio
Bear Bag on 10/13/2011 14:04:55 MDT Print View


Not sure if Lawson will recommend it, but I have used his pack liner drybags(same material) for bear/critter bag a number of times, including one made of his new lighter cuben material. It holds up perfect. I do keep the food in it’s OPSak, and leave everything else, garbage and the like, in a regular ziplock. I put a small loop of Spectra line through one of the snaps for the carbineer. Roll down the pack liner and you’re good to go.

Also, I have purchased and tried serveral other brands of drybags, and Lawson's are the only ones I use.


Terry G
(delvxe) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
too late. on 10/14/2011 08:19:02 MDT Print View

Drat. Just bought mine from you yesterday before seeing this post. I should check out gear deals more often.