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Looking for DX40
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Michael Duke
(mpd1690) - F
Looking for DX40 on 09/28/2011 14:19:35 MDT Print View

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some DX40. I don't want to have to pay the cutting fee at DP. If anyone has any extra, I would love to buy some. If some people are interested in a group buy, that could work too.

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
rockywoods on 09/28/2011 16:26:49 MDT Print View

the black xpac from rockywoods is dx40 i know for sure its not vx21 and there was a thread a while ago that said it was dx40

Michael Duke
(mpd1690) - F
White on 09/28/2011 16:31:36 MDT Print View

I believe DX40 solely comes in white. That what the price sheet form DP says, and also my understanding is that dyneema is extremely difficult to dye, which a decent amount of this material is.

Javan Dempsey

Locale: The-Stateless-Society
Re: White on 09/28/2011 16:33:22 MDT Print View

It's extremely difficult to dye, and it's difficult to color in general.

Also yes, DX40 only comes in white. Although you could dye the material, the spectra fibers would stay white, while the nylon portion would take the dye.. I've been planning on trying it, just haven't had the time.

Michael Duke
(mpd1690) - F
Nice Idea on 09/28/2011 16:40:49 MDT Print View

Javan, that certainly is a pretty cool idea. Coloration like that would be really cool I think. If I can get my hands on some, I'd like to try it.

William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Xpac on 09/28/2011 21:38:43 MDT Print View

Anyone know for sure what the black stuff is from rockywoods then? I know it's heavier and thicker then the lime green which is vx21 correct ?

Michael Duke
(mpd1690) - F
Green is VX07 on 09/28/2011 21:54:59 MDT Print View

Terry Trimble
(socal-nomad) - F

Locale: North San Diego county
Looking for DX40 on 09/29/2011 11:11:50 MDT Print View

The black Xpac from Rockywoods is Vx 21 because the black fabric laminated is 200d Oxford Nylon.
VX42 has 400d pack cloth laminated to it.
VX51 has 500dx1000d cordura nylon laminated to it.

DZ40 is a whole new bird of Fabric I don't know anything about is not listed in the sport Xpac fabric grid for recreation use like,Backpacks,tents other uses.
I really don't see the advantages of have a all white pack even though is really tuff fabric. They get dirty really fast and and our ugly because you stick out like a sore thumb on the trail or in urban settings IMHO.

Edited by socal-nomad on 09/29/2011 11:19:15 MDT.

Jason Hung
(moma-moma) - F - M

DX40 vs 200D Dyneema woven on 11/25/2011 01:01:16 MST Print View

what is the different to use a 200D woven dyneema fabric compare to this 6oz DX40, does it loss the sense of UL pack interesting.

DX40 was develop for 80 foot super yacht sail, now it turn into backpack.

DX40 look cool!! i wish they going to launch some lighter weight DX, may be 2-3oz/yd !!

Happy MYOG

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Looking for DX40 on 11/25/2011 01:33:16 MST Print View

I've considered getting a white pack for the warmer seasons. That's because this fall I had issues with my gorp getting heated by the black fabric of my back pack pocket, causing the chocolate to melt. I doubt I'd really care much about it looking dirty, although I'm with you on not wanting to stick out as much.

Michael Duke
(mpd1690) - F
Re: Re: Looking for DX40 on 11/25/2011 07:55:40 MST Print View

I was able to get some of this fabric. I like it. Extremely burly and looks like it can stand up to anything. I am working on a pack for my brother and just waiting on some more pieces to come in. After it sees some use, I will let everyone know how the material does.