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TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind
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Chase Norton
(Micronorton) - F
TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind on 09/27/2011 05:56:36 MDT Print View

I have taken my Contrail into very windy conditions and while fighting through the night I have pondered on some possible modifications. I welcome any suggestions especially if you have done any of these.

1st: A zipper on the opening flap. I am tired of feeling like I am trying to put a size M jeans on a L person. When the wind is blowing hard on the summit and you have to get out to restake or whatever, getting back in, velcroing the flap shut becomes a night of holding the two sides and pray to catch some sleep. A simple zipper would dramatically improve this problem. Extra weight? yes, worth the storm improvement of the contrail? F. yes. I am new to mods and never really done any sewing, but now is as good a time as any to learn. Has anyone performed this mod or have a suggestion to the location that would possibly allow a dual system of velcro and zipper?

2nd: Additional guy line attachments. Even in the best setup as shown in countless youtube videos for storm weather, there is still problems of gusts pushing the single wall onto my down bag and/or "popping" the sides with an almost shotgun bang sound. Yes, the tent is extremely taut and guyed correctly and dropped low and the bottom middle support set up. It is does not matter when 40+mph wind hits the side. I know the locations I would place additional guy lines but do not know how to add the attachments on the contrail in a reliable manner that will hold and not ruin the tarptent and if sewing into silnylon requires special anything. Any ideas to how I can go about doing this and/or ideas on your own additional guy setup to improve storm ready contrail?

If you don't believe the contrail needs these mods then please do not respond to this thread. I am looking for help, not a debate. However, if it is that you don't think these mods are possible because of design issues etc then I am all ears.

Also, do you have any other mods that have improved your contrail for strong winds besides what is mentioned above?

Your help is greatly appreciated and any mod will be reported back with the affect on conditions


David Goodyear
(dmgoody) - MLife

Locale: mid-west
check this out on 09/27/2011 06:46:51 MDT Print View

Check out Jim colten's article:

At the very end he shows a picture of additional tie-outs added to a TT Rainshadow 2.

Laminating is very straight forward and simple.

Hope this helps - good luck


P.S. If you go this route, You must use the tube that says premium silicone Glue - not caulking - not sealer.
It is product # 280. upc 0-7702700280-5

Edited by dmgoody on 09/27/2011 06:57:49 MDT.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind on 09/27/2011 15:32:41 MDT Print View

This works for me , but reading again your comments it looks like it does not for you...
Contrail not
Contrail full help

BTW, my point here is that I believe that longitudinal tension will help more than adding side guylines .
However note how I peg down the sides.

Edited by Franco on 09/27/2011 16:05:44 MDT.

Chase Norton
(Micronorton) - F
Front flaps on 09/27/2011 16:46:51 MDT Print View

The front flaps on yours still look loose enough to allow for the common shotgun noise I referred to above. By this I mean, look at all those ripples on your front flaps, that is in the region of worst noise.

I will try to peg down instead of guy out the sides and see how that helps, but in the end I need to add more guy line attachments.

Chase Norton
(Micronorton) - F
two/three more guys on the sides on 09/27/2011 16:52:47 MDT Print View

if only there were three guy line attachments on the sides(bottom, middle[already there], and front) then we are talking. As it stands, one is not sufficient to do the job. At least against the winds I experience.

I like the lament link above and will try that. Thank you.

Any ideas on the zipper?

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind on 09/27/2011 23:06:02 MDT Print View

I can't quite visualise exactly what it is you want to do, but these may help With my old TT Squall I have added two extra guy lines for the front pole and two for the back hoop pole. I also extended the front porch velcro (with possibly the worst MYOG effort ever), so it was full length, rather than just in sections.

James Byrnes
(backfeets1) - M

Locale: Midwest.... Missouri
Re: TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind on 09/27/2011 23:19:56 MDT Print View

Call Tarptent and ask if they can do the mods you desire.

Chase Norton
(Micronorton) - F
Incredible on 09/29/2011 03:42:11 MDT Print View

Jason, those grip clips are incredible. There seems to be endless possibilities. Ever heard of anyone using them to make an sul pack that is also your tarp? Thank you for the info, a great find for quick and easy myog.

John Julyan-Gudgeon
(Cyanide) - F

Locale: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Grip Clips on 09/29/2011 08:39:20 MDT Print View

Actually, those grip clips are phenomenal. If you are going to get some, get the smallest ones, I think they are white. And pick up some mini-water-balloon balloons. Slipping one of those over the "ball" that fits in the "cup" will prevent it from slipping along the silnylon with angular tension.

Jason Elsworth
(jephoto) - M

Locale: New Zealand
TT Contrail Modifications for Strong Wind on 09/29/2011 14:58:38 MDT Print View

Ever heard of anyone using them to make an sul pack that is also your tarp? Not yet, but it might just work :).

The clips look great and I have heard of someone using them successfully on a cuben tarp. However, I would still be kind of nervous about using them on cuben. Has anyone done this?
I would like to add some side panel tie outs to a MLD Patrol shelter. I could have it done as a custom option, but this way may be simpler and more flexible.