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Camp-tek Microburst?
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Dan Smith
Camp-tek Microburst? on 09/23/2011 09:02:17 MDT Print View

Have any of you used one of these Camptek Microbursts to blow up your various air-inflated mattresses?

After a long hike, I'm not a fan of having to take the time to blow up my air mat (Nemo Astro in my case) when I'm setting up my shelter. While probably not for the ultralight gram-counting crowd, this looks to be a pretty cool product for us lazy hikers.

Anyone else used this product? I think I'm going to try one. I'll do a review once I have my hands on one, but wanted to get some feedback from actual users before I take the plunge. It may be worth the weight penalty, especially at high altitudes and in cold climates when I'm out of breath anyway.

Thanks in advance.


Raymond Estrella
(rayestrella) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Camp-tek Microburst? on 09/23/2011 14:58:34 MDT Print View

I just got one and tried it out last weekend on my Large NeoAir. It worked great, took about 4 minutes. (I forgot to time it.) But what I am waiting for is the cold weather to hit and will use it for my down pads (now that I know it will work) as that is really the only time I need an inflation device.

David A
(DavidAdair) - M

Locale: West Dakota
Re: Warmlite DAM /Camp-tek Microburst? on 10/06/2011 20:57:55 MDT Print View

Thanks for the tip Dan! I received mine today and am fairly well pleased with it. I have a Warmlite DAM which is great except I for having to inflate it with the supplied @#&% limp nylon pump sack. The Camp-tek pump makes it a breeze. Just plug it in and let it go. Oh yeah!

While I detest packing gizmos, this is 1.7 ounces I can live with (2.4 oz w/2AAA LI batteries). I use an AAA in my itp flashlight so the batteries will provide some backup.

I checked it on an older pump sack exped dam and it fits that well too.

If you use a Warmlite DAM you might want to check this out!

PS: The pump sack for my exped dam weighs 5.6 oz!

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Dan Smith
Happy with Mine on 10/06/2011 21:47:13 MDT Print View

I got mine and will be making a video review with my Nemo Astro Insulated Mat here over the next couple of weeks. It worked well on my camping trip a week ago.

Bryan S
(bswiz) - F
Look forward to the video on 10/07/2011 11:06:43 MDT Print View


Looking forward to your video and any more thoughts on it, since I just got a Nemo Astro a couple weeks ago. Have yet to use it, but this is my first self-inflating pad so it will be interesting!


Ryan Elsey
(paintballswimguy) - F

Locale: Kansas City
camp-tek on 10/07/2011 15:54:36 MDT Print View

I've never used one, but my father was telling me that the company was started by someone associated with our Boy Scout Troop in some way. They do seem pretty neat though, But a little pricey for me

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
EXPED? on 10/10/2011 14:20:06 MDT Print View

Does anyone know if the microburst will fit with the new flatvalves on Exped pads? Specifically the Synmat UL7?? It looks like this would be a better option than getting the exped pillow pump since it is lighter, and I already own and use a mont bell pillow


Jake Palmer
(jakep_82) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: EXPED? on 10/10/2011 15:12:06 MDT Print View

If you just want a pump for your Exped, they make a mini pump that's lighter (1.8oz with stuffsack) and cheaper ($20) than the Microburst.

Video of the pump here.

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Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
Exped Answer on 10/10/2011 15:30:55 MDT Print View

This is teh answer I got from Camp-tek about campatability with exped flat valves. Looks like it is a no-go for now.

"From what I have seen this type of valve is similar to the Stephenson's
Warmlight in that you insert the pump adapter into a hole to make the
connect as opposed to having a protruding valve. The Microburst is
designed for the protruding valve type mats and will not work with these
kind unless you have an adaptor that fits them. I include such an adaptor
for the Stephenson's Warmlight mattress in the box, but it will not fit the
Exped type valve because of diameter differences.

Later models of Exped are some of the few mattresses that Microburst does
not work with because if their unique air entry designs. The earlier
versions used a standard protruding valve and it works well with those. An
adapter could likely be made but it would require investment in a plastic
mold which is expensive. Perhaps if I get enough requests to justify it, I
will look into making an adapter for Exped. However with the abundance of
other lighter weight alternatives on the market, it has not been a priority
as yet.


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Randy Nelson
(rlnunix) - F - M

Locale: Rockies
Instaflator on 10/10/2011 16:43:39 MDT Print View

Try the Instaflator. I can inflate my Kooka Bay DAM that is 24x72x2 in 1.5 bags of air. It's fast and easy. Not sure about the durability so I got 2 but I've been using one all season. I just roll it up inside my mat. So far, it's been great.

Raymond Estrella
(rayestrella) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Camp-Tek on 10/10/2011 18:30:35 MDT Print View

I used mine again this weekend and it took 3:75 to inflate a Large NeoAir.

Andy Mueller
(andym801) - F

Locale: Wasatch Front
Lungs vs Microburst comparison? on 12/22/2011 23:44:31 MST Print View

Just curious, as I've never blown up a Neo Air... how long does it take to blow up using your lungs?

James Marco
(jamesdmarco) - MLife

Locale: Finger Lakes
Re: Lungs vs Microburst comparison? on 12/23/2011 04:00:53 MST Print View

It takes roughly 20-30 breaths to blow up a NeoAir regular/large. I was using a regular, and I counted 22-24 breaths pretty consistantly without getting dizzy. About 1.5-2 minutes. I am guessing a large would take a bit more, closer to 30 and about 2-2.5 minutes.

Edited by jamesdmarco on 12/23/2011 05:09:21 MST.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Microburst on 12/23/2011 07:10:07 MST Print View

Works good. Have a drink while your pad inflates.

Will be interesting to see how it does at altitude.

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Dan Smith
Video on 12/23/2011 07:13:36 MST Print View

I have a short video review of this product that I haven't had time to upload yet. I'm blowing up a Nemo Astro Insulated Air Pad with mine. I'll have this done before the end of the year.

Karple T

Locale: Mid-Alantic
"Camp-tek Microburst?" on 12/28/2011 08:40:32 MST Print View

I just got one.

Nice for two down pads.

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Christian Degas
(sunfeltsky) - F
Packrafts hmmm.... on 01/02/2012 09:47:14 MST Print View

I contacted Camp-Tek and FlyWeightDesigns packraft to see if their system will work together. I got a response from both companies that say they are both looking into it currently. Would be nice to have a multi-purpose device/backup battery source for my headlamp. Can't wait to see a video review on this device but I think I'll be picking one up this week anyway.

Scott Smith
(mrmuddy) - MLife

Locale: No Cal
Camp-tek Microburst on 01/04/2012 14:15:32 MST Print View

Took 12 munites to fill up my wife's BA size large ( 72/ 25) insulated air mattress.. Can't imagine sitting in camp, somehwere on the JMT. and listening to this electric motor whine for 12 minutes.. each night that you're out on the trail

Heath Pitts
(heathpitts) - F

Locale: Nashville
Microburst on 01/04/2012 14:23:55 MST Print View


Does the BA large hold that much more air than the neoair large? Mine takes between 4 to 4.5 minutes to inflate. I always wondered if the valve on my old BA mattress was leaking when trying to inflate it with their pumphouse bag. Maybe that is why it is taking so long

Dan Smith
Re: Camp-tek Microburst on 01/04/2012 14:29:54 MST Print View

I'd discuss with Camp-tek. There is no way it takes 12 min to fill up your mat if the unit is working correctly. I have a 20X72 nemo pad and it takes 2-3 minutes for full inflate.