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Free spreadsheet program with collaboration
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Miles Barger
(milesbarger) - F - M

Locale: West Virginia
Free spreadsheet program with collaboration on 12/18/2006 18:16:33 MST Print View

Most people probably know about this, but in case you don't...

Google Docs is a free online service that lets you create spreadsheets. It's not as full-featured as Excel, but it's a lot cheaper and works very well for gear list purposes. Perhaps the most useful features for BPLers are:
1) You can authorize people to make comments and changes to the spreadsheet, so community help can be much more organized.
2) Everything is completely online, so you don't have to upload a file. Just put a link to the file in your post, and there it is for everyone to see.

ian wright
(ianwright) - F

Locale: Photo - Mt Everest - 1980
googling on 12/19/2006 17:13:02 MST Print View

Thanks for that.
I'm having trouble with my internet connection so I quickly added that google site to my favourites and will look into it later.
I do all my lists and spreadsheets in my signmaking software which cannot be shared, silly but it's easy to use and I can fuss over the appearance.

Simon Wurster
(Einstein) - F

Locale: Big Apple
Re: Free spreadsheet program with collaboration on 01/04/2007 11:15:55 MST Print View

Alas, there's a 512 kb (1/2 mb) limit on Google spreadsheets, and my packing list (and others that I wanted to share for other purposes) just nudged over that limit this year.

Great idea, though.